BitBoy Crypto Net Worth- Age, Wife, Review, Cars, Youtube and Earnings


BitBoy Crypto Net Worth- Age, Wife, Review, Cars, Youtube and Earnings

BitBoy Crypto, a wealthy and well-known YouTuber, podcaster, and crypto enthusiast, has recently published a variety of videos that focus on crypto. According to projections made for the year 2023, the net worth of Bitboy Crypto is around $30 million. Additionally, the American YouTuber known as BitBoy Crypto offers trading strategies to get great profits and minimize significant losses.

BitBoy Crypto Net Worth- Age, Wife, Review, Cars, Youtube and Earnings
BitBoy Crypto Net Worth- Age, Wife, Review, Cars, Youtube and Earnings

Learn more about the revenue, income, and salary offered by BitBoy Crypto, along with other relevant facts.

BitBoy Crypto Net Worth- Age, Wife, Review, Cars, Youtube and Earnings
Bitboy Crypto real nameBen Armstrong
Bitboy Crypto Net Worth$30 million
BirthdayOctober 27, 1982
BirthplaceUnited States
Bitboy Crypto age40 years old
Bitboy Crypto height5 ft 8 in
OccupationAmerican crypto trading YouTuber

Earnings, salaries, and revenue associated with BitBoy Crypto.

Around $400,000 is brought in each month by BitBoy Crypto from a variety of various sources of revenue. Having stated that, the annual profits for BitBoy Crypto are around $4800K.

How did BitBoy get to where he is now financially?

Ben, also known as BitBoy, is the proprietor of a website referred to as On this website, he provides users with the latest information on cryptocurrencies, as well as trends, fresh information, and regulatory framework.

New users are taught the basics of trading, which makes it simpler for them to begin dabbling in the cryptocurrency market by purchasing cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or alternative cryptocurrencies.

Portfolio of crypto-assets

BitBoy is quite transparent with his supporters about his financial situation, and as a result, it is possible to assert that the value of his assets skyrocketed in 2021. On October 15th, 2021, his portfolio was estimated to be worth an astounding $28 million. The news reports from March 2022 revealed that Ben had issued yet another update on his most recent assets, which disclosed that he was worth $33 million.

Ben is a proud owner of hundreds of different currencies, the most valuable of which being Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, XRP, Polkadot, and Solana.

His primary assets consist mostly of the following:

Bitcoin – $4.1 million
3.36 million dollars for Ethereum
Stablecoins – $2.4 million
Cardano – $925,000 XRP – $824,000
Polkadot – $785,000
Solana – $705,000
Avalanche: 607 000 dollars
Elrond is priced at $669,000. FTT is priced at $437,000.

What percentage of Bitboy Crypto’s overall revenue comes from the YouTube channel?

Ben’s channel was able to gain traction thanks, in part, to the emergence of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. As the cryptocurrency sector becomes more popular, he maintains steady growth of his following.

Ben began uploading videos to his channel at the beginning of 2018, and it quickly rose to become one of the most popular crypto-related channels on YouTube, among others such as Benjamin Cowen, Lark Davis, CryptosRUs, and Coin Bureau.

In 2011, Ben got his foot in the door of the cryptocurrency world by complete accident. Back then, Ben had a company called Front Page Tickets, and the website that he had been using to market his company decided to switch its payment choices to only take Bitcoin. This caused Ben to have some financial difficulties. In the end, BitBoy used 10,000 worth of Bitcoin to advertise his ticket company.

Because he did not have a solid grasp of Bitcoin, he sold too soon and lost out on gains that might have reached seven figures. When Bitcoin’s price reached $20,000 in 2017, Ben began devoting a significant amount of his time to researching the possibilities presented by blockchain technology.

People keep wondering:

What kind of revenue does Bitboy Crypto bring in?

Every one thousand times one of their videos is seen, an ad-supported channel receives a payment. YouTube channels that are monetized may earn between $3 and $7 for every one thousand views on their videos.

In addition to this, they generate cash via the marketing of their own goods, the acceptance of sponsorships, and the generation of revenue through affiliate commissions.

Companies with considerable pockets may focus their advertisements on the top 5% of the most popular content thanks to a program called Google Preferred. These prices for advertisements are much higher than the average. The subscribers of YouTube Red, who pay a subscription fee in order to access premium material and videos on YouTube without having to endure advertisements, are another source of revenue for YouTube creators. They earn money here depending on how much time users spend watching their movies. When people watch their films for longer periods of time, the company makes more money.

Additional commercial activities

In addition to the cryptocurrency industry, BitBoy Crypto, a content producer for the cryptocurrency industry, is the owner of a Lamborghini Huracán Performante that is valued at $350,000 and owns $5 million worth of real estate that is distributed over seven homes. He maintains a cash reserve of around $1.5 million in the event that a lucrative investment opportunity presents itself. Beyond just posting videos, he had recognized his performance by establishing a website, a retail shop, and a school ( The vast viewership that he has across all social media platforms has also been of great assistance to him. To supplement his income, Ben is in the advertising sales business.

The following are the advertising charges that may be seen on his website:

Review with Dedicated Resources – $35,000

TikTok Ad – $25,000

Livestream mention – twenty thousand dollars

Articles on websites cost $2,500 each.

The latest information, which dates back to July 2021, shows that BitBoy was temporarily removed from YouTube. In a tweet, he explained that he had been banned because of an unfair crackdown on content related to cryptocurrencies. Within the span of a day, the channel was brought back online.

When it comes to making financial investments in the coins that are discussed on BitBoy’s show, some users of Reddit have posted threads advising others to exercise extreme caution. Some viewers will arbitrarily invest their money in coins with low market caps, only to be disappointed when they observe that the price is falling rapidly.

BitBoy Crypto Wife

According to the most recent information about the relationships of BitBoy Crypto and his girlfriend, he is now married to Bethany Armstrong, and the pair has a total of three children together.


  • Channel name: BitBoy Crypto
  • Joined on: 8 Feb 2018
  • Number of subscribers: 1.40M


BitBoy, whose actual name is Ben Armstrong, has become well-known in the cryptocurrency industry because to the video he posts on YouTube.

The American YouTuber has achieved a great deal of success as an enthusiast and investor in alternative financial systems.

Ben Armstrong is the proprietor of the YouTube channel that provides trading advise in addition to covering the most recent news and evaluations of cryptocurrencies.

CRYPTO KING The BitBoy Crypto YouTube channel is well-known for providing viewers with the most recent information and perspectives on the cryptocurrency industry. After making his initial investment in Bitcoin in 2012, Ben Armstrong, also known as BitBoy Crypto, has amassed a significant amount of knowledge, which he has used to demonstrate his competence.

As one of the most well-known bitcoin specialists in the world today, BitBoy Crypto has built a successful career for himself as a cryptocurrency content provider. Additionally, the developer is an avid supporter of blockchain technology. Things haven’t exactly gone well thus far in life.

Early life and beginnings of a career

Armstrong, who was born in Atlanta on October 27, 1982, received his education at Toccoa Falls Institution, which is a private Christian college, as well as at Kennesaw State University, from which he graduated with outstanding honors.

Armstrong suffered a financial loss as a result of the catastrophic breach of the cryptocurrency exchange. Ben Armstrong, on the other hand, seemed unfazed by the defeat. Ben Armstrong, also known as BitBoy Crypto, continues his education in the realm of cryptocurrencies. The most recent information from 2018 reveals that Armstrong now works full-time as a crypto analyst and pundit. Being successful in business and maintaining a presence on social media have both contributed to the huge increase in net worth.

There are one million people that subscribe to the Science & Technology channel known as BitBoy Crypto on YouTube. The cryptocurrency content creator known as BitBoy Crypto, who launched his business in 2018 and is based in the United States, has been raking in a lot of money thanks to the many types of videos that he produces. Additional income streams, such as sponsorships, are available via BitBoy Crypto. Additionally, Ben Armstrong, the highest paid American crypto trading YouTuber, makes the majority of his money through endorsing other items. Through Hit Network and New Money Gang, he is imparting more knowledge to the audience. BitBoy Crypto Net Worth

The facts of Ben’s education at BitBoy Crypto disclose that he had high marks throughout his time at both Toccoa Falls College and Kennesaw State University, where he completed his degrees. BitBoy Ben maintains the website, which provides users with the most recent information about cryptocurrencies, as well as the latest trends, information, and regulatory developments. Additionally, it educates new users on the foundations of trading so that they may get expert advise when purchasing Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any of the other alternative cryptocurrencies.

Ben entered the cryptocurrency industry for the first time in 2012, but the rise in popularity of Bitcoin sparked his interest in the space. In addition to reinvesting revenues in cryptocurrency, Ben also makes money since he is always making offers available via a variety of different crypto partners. Additionally, the crypto fan with the highest earnings added the HIT Network and New Money Gang to his roundup of YouTube channels. Ben routinely disseminates crypto advice and tactics, puts in the hours to do the research, and spends a significant amount of time lurking in the market observing patterns. He also puts in the hours to complete the research. BitBoy Crypto Net Worth

Ben Armstrong, an American crypto enthusiast, is the proprietor of the website, which is devoted to the publication of information about bitcoin, trading fundamentals, and general updates. Additionally, he has shown a high level of activity across all of his social media platforms. TikTok statistics show that BitBoy Crypto has over 2.6 million followers.

Ben Armstrong, a wealthy and prominent advocate of cryptocurrencies, began his adventure in 2012, at which point he was already interested in Bitcoin. BitBoy Crypto Net Worth, In 2018, cryptocurrency enthusiast Ben Armstrong made the decision to pursue cryptocurrency “full-time.” He began devoting his time and effort to the development of cryptocurrency. You are going to like the material, which includes the most recent crypto news and price forecasts. In addition, followers like the walkthroughs and business guidance provided.

Learn more about the many alternative cryptocurrencies, the historical cycles of Bitcoin, and the most recent Ethereum news. BitBoy Crypto Net Worth, Additionally, they like ideas such as personal finance, digital marketing, and other things that are only remotely linked. Because to his enormous popularity, he is now included in the list of top YouTubers in terms of their net worth.

According to the BitBoy Crypto Review, the channel covers not just well-known cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum but also a variety of cryptocurrencies known as “Altcoins.” You are able to have a look at Ben Armstrong’s whole cryptocurrency investment portfolio. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cardano make up the majority of his assets at the moment, in that order. Additionally, he has indicated that the level of volatility and risk associated with top projects is lower than the level of risk and volatility associated with projects that are not in the top 20 or top 100. BitBoy Crypto Net Worth

He is not restricted to earning money by doing so just via the purchase and sale of bitcoin. Ben Armstrong makes a significant amount of money as a result of providing up-to-date information on the bitcoin market. The many methods of financial management that he employs on a daily basis are the driving force behind his current level of achievement. He spreads the message that investing in cryptocurrencies is not a way to get wealthy overnight. BitBoy Crypto Net Worth

One of the highest paid cryptocurrency aficionados and YouTubers, BitBoy Crypto, has just become the presenter of a talk show. BitBoy Crypto Net Worth, Since it shifted its focus to become a news content provider, BitBoy Crypto has seen phenomenal growth. The American YouTube channel just opened a professional studio located in a facility that is 30,000 square feet in size. Ben, the channel has developed into a team and has expanded its focus outside the realm of cryptocurrencies.

Bitboy Crypto NFT Collection, which comes with VIP Utilities for Fans, was just released by Theta. Bitboy Crypto has released its first NFT collection in partnership with Theta. BitBoy Crypto Net Worth, This collection includes a 3D BitMobile Art Collectible, Cupid’s Nipception, Thank You BitSquad, Limited Edition BitBoyCrypto Snapback, and Ben’s Headshot.

Collection of BitBoy cryptocurrency cars

The popular YouTuber is worth a lot of money and has multiple vehicles to his name. However, the upgrades are not yet accessible to users.

BitBoy Crypto Net Worth- Age, Wife, Review, Cars, Youtube and Earnings


What is Ben Bitboy’s Net Worth in Cryptocurrency?
According to the most recent data of our staff, the net worth of Bitboy Crypto is around $30 million.

What is the current value of the Bitboy cryptocurrency?
The most recent numbers we have come up with place Bitboy Crypto’s net worth at around $30 million.

What exactly is meant by the term “Bitboy Crypto YouTube Earnings”?
The monthly profits for BitBoy Crypto are around $400,000 USD. Having stated that, the annual profits for BitBoy Crypto are around $4800K.

Which Operating System Does Bitboy Crypto Run On?
He had been using Charlie Shrem’s BitInstant before to the Mt. Gox hack and had to suffer the loss of Bitcoin. To remain up to speed on the latest information pertaining to cryptocurrency trading, you may subscribe to various digital media channels such as Tiktok, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram.

What Became of the Bitboy Crypto Exchange?
People are wondering why the cryptocurrency Bitboy was made illegal.
As part of the authorities’ efforts to suppress cryptocurrency-related media sources, Bitboy Crypto was removed from YouTube, a move that might be seen as censorship.

Is it Safe to Invest in Bitboy Crypto?
It’s safe to use Bitboy. In point of fact, and has recently formed a relationship with Howdoo, which is a major social networking platform that is powered by blockchain.

The last words

As a result of the YouTuber’s intense attention on the material that he shares, Bitboy Crypto’s net worth has been steadily increasing over the last several months. In addition, the cryptocurrency updates that you get from the channel will be of great assistance to you in the process of determining your long-term goals. Please let us know what you think about the YouTuber, and we will be glad to take into consideration your perspectives.



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