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Chhatriwali Movie – Tejas Prabha is the director of the newest Indian film in the Hindi language, Chhatriwali 2023, which is a social comedy. under the aegis of RSVP, the film was directed by Vijay Deoskar and produced by Ronnie Screwvala. The film’s primary protagonists are played by Rakul Singh and Sumeet Vyas.

Chhatriwali Movie Download FilmyZilla and watch Online 720p, 480p, 300MB
Chhatriwali Movie Download FilmyZilla and watch Online 720p, 480p, 300MB

On the internet streaming service Zee5, the movie is scheduled to become available on the 20th of January, 2023. On November 13, 2021, the first promotional material for the film was made available. The main character is a recent chemistry graduate who is now jobless and living in a rural area where she is seeking for work.

Chhatriwali Movie download filmyzilla 480p, 720p, hd Online

Chhatriwali Movie Download is an upcoming Indian film that will be in the Hindi language and will be a romantic comedy. Tejas Deoskar will direct the film, while Ronnie Screwvala will produce it. Rakul Preet Singh, Sumeet Vyas, Satish Kaushik, Dolly Ahluwalia, and Rajesh Tailang are some of the actors that appear in the film. The movie is set to be made available on ZEE5 on the 20th of January 2023.

The purpose of the video is to bring awareness about male contraception as well as the need of having safe sexual encounters. The image was posted on Instagram by the film’s leading actress not too long ago, and it is the first look at her forthcoming film “Chhatriwali.” On the movie poster, the lead actress is seen holding a piece of paper that explains the human body.

The movie is a romantic comedy with the message that more people should be aware about male contraception and the significance of having safe sexual encounters. Watching the movie itself is the only way to know for sure what happens in the story.

Chhatriwali Movie Official Trailer

You are able to view the trailer for Chhatriwali: The Full Movie Download on Filmywap online right here. The announcement that the movie would not be released as scheduled for the fourth time comes only three days before the film’s debut in theatres throughout the country on January 20.

Chhatriwali Movie

The movie “Chhatriwali” is a social comedy that follows the story of a woman who has just graduated from chemistry school but cannot find work. She moves to a tiny village and looks for work there, where she ultimately finds work testing condoms. Is. Through its narrative and the performances of its cast, the movie attempts to point out the problems with the existing social order.

As a result of her persistent involvement in the film industry over the course of many years, Rakul Preet Singh is a well-known actress in the Tamil and Telugu film industries. She is now attempting to make a name for herself in the Hindi film business by collaborating with a variety of stars.

She is now working on a movie called “Chhatriwali,” which is about women and the hardships that they face. The movie is a comedy with the goal of educating people about the significance of having safe sexual encounters and the use of male contraceptives. Watching the movie itself is the only way to know for sure what happens in the story.

Chhatriwali Movie Release Date and time

On January 20, 2023 at 9:00 am IST, the film Chhatriwali was made available to audiences all around the globe. However, if you have a membership to ZEE5, you will be able to watch it online streaming. At the same time, you have the option to download it into your mobile device or computer if you so want.

The official release date of the Zee5 Original film Chhatriwali, which stars Rakulpreet Singh, has not yet been determined; however, it is anticipated that the film would be released on January 20, 2023. Chhatriwali is one of the movies that fits this description, and its producer, Ronnie Screwvala of RSVP Movies, has said that the company is pleased to sponsor tales that have strong female leads and have important narratives.

He also said that he has developed a mass family entertainment that has an essential message without being too preachy. The goal of the show is to normalise talks about sex education and safe sex. The movie is an attempt to tell meaningful tales in a way that is both entertaining and informative for the audience using the medium of film.

Chhatriwali Movie Cast

Let us now find out who all is included in the cast of the movie Chhatriwali. The main characters in the movie are played by Rakul Preet Singh, Sumeet Vyas, and Satish Kaushik.

The film “Chhatriwali” will include a number of well-known actors and actresses, including Rakul Preet Singh, Satish Kaushik, Sumeet Vyas, Rakesh Bedi, and Dolly Ahluwalia, amongst others. Tejas Prabha Vijay Deoskar is the one in charge of the movie’s direction, while Ronnie Screwvala is the one in charge of producing it. The film’s score was created by Mangesh Dhakad, while Siddharth Vasani was the one responsible for the cinematography.

The film had finished production in December, and Rakul Preet Singh revealed the news on her Instagram along with her mixed thoughts over it. She also said that she loved working on the project and that she believed in it. She is grateful to director Tejas Deoskar for making the process go so well and says that she couldn’t have wished for a finer team for her first film in which she plays the main character. The movie will be available on Zee5 on January 20th, 2023 when it first premieres.

Chhatriwali Movie Download Telegram Link

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Sanya Dhingra, the protagonist of “Chhatriwali,” is a well educated chemistry graduate who just graduated from college and is searching for work. As she learns more about how little most people grasp the principles surrounding sexual education, she comes to the conclusion that she should utilise her expertise to teach those individuals. In Sanya’s pursuit of educating even schoolchildren about the need of receiving an adequate sexual education, she finds herself in conflict with educational officials.

The story of the movie takes place in Haryana, and Rakul Preet Singh appears in it as the head of quality control at a condom factory. Sumeet Vyas also has a role in the movie. The filmmakers claim that the purpose of the movie is to convey an important societal message regarding the use of male contraceptives and the significance of having sexual encounters that are risk-free. On January 20, 2023, the movie will be made accessible to watch on ZEE5. The movie’s goal is to provide enjoyable entertainment while also conveying an important message about the need of sexual education and practising safe sexuality.

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Chhatriwali Movie Watch Online Dailymotion

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The tale of Sanya Dhingra, a highly educated chemistry graduate who is seeking for work, is told through the lens of this film. As she learns more about how little most people grasp the principles surrounding sexual education, she comes to the conclusion that she should utilise her expertise to teach those individuals. In Sanya’s pursuit of educating even schoolchildren about the need of receiving an adequate sexual education, she finds herself in conflict with educational officials.

Rakul Preet Singh plays the part of a quality control manager at a condom manufacturing factory that is situated in the state of Haryana in the movie. The tagline for the movie is that despite her initial shyness and guilt about her conduct, she swiftly sees the necessity for safe sex and takes it upon herself to ruin the debate surrounding sex education. This is despite the fact that she was initially timid and ashamed about her deed. On January 20, 2023, the movie will premiere on Zee5, as was previously announced.

Chhatriwali Movie Download mp4moviez

Despite the low condom usage rate in India, the video clears up several common misunderstandings regarding the contraceptive device. The survey found that males in India’s small towns and rural areas are hesitant to ask their local chemists for specific items by name. This is especially true in rural areas. This phenomenon is especially widespread in India’s smaller towns and more rural parts of the country.

It appears that Dolly Ahluwalia’s character, a mother who is obsessed with her teenage daughter’s patti, does not play a significant role in the story. In the movie, Prachi Shah Pandya plays the role of Rajesh Tailang’s long-suffering wife, who ultimately comes to the conclusion that she wants to rebel against her husband. In this play, Sumeet Vyas plays the role of the younger brother who, despite his best efforts, can’t help but get distracted by his older sibling’s conversation. Through her, the director hopes to convey the message that women shouldn’t settle for the passive role in their relationships.

Chhatriwali Movie Download Vegamovies

In addition to capturing the attention of the audience, the very first scene of the film needs to set the stage for the remainder of the piece and give the audience a glimpse of what is going to occur in the following few minutes.

Chhatriwali’s status as one of the most successful social comedies can be attributed, in part, to its ability to avoid being preachy while still being funny and imparting a powerful message. The book delves into a variety of topics including stereotyping, the absence of equity, and the divide that exists between education and literacy. In addition to addressing common misunderstandings about the use of condoms and sexual education, the book also addresses these issues.

In spite of the fact that the authors make a concerted effort to construct a convincing argument, they downplay the significance of trust in the interactions that take place between individuals. The scene in which Sanya and Rishi Kalra (Sumeet Vyas) interact is disheartening because it appears to have been written by the authors as an easy method to convey the message that they wanted to convey, which stands in stark contrast to the overall authenticity of the plot.

When will the movie Chhatriwali be released?

The release date of Chhatriwali Movie is 20 January 202 3, and it will be shown on ZEE5.

Who is the director of the Chhatriwali film?

Chhatriwali Movie is directed by Tejas Deoskar.

Can my family and I watch Chhatriwali together?

Yes, we may watch Chhatriwali Movie with our family if you wish.

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