Core Values of agile Marketing


Q.8. Discuss the core values of agile marketing

Core Values of Agile Marketing The core values of agile marketing are as follows:

1. Rapid Iterations over Big-Bang Campaigns: The saying that, ‘Perfect is the enemy of good’ captures core of why it is so difficult for advertisers to be more agile. In old media world, marketing anything Eh big bang TV ads and long lead time services of direct mail was not cheap process and it was expensive nake a mistake. It was almost difficult to make adjustment, after the launch of anything. Although, these itations should not extend in today’s digital world, this perspective of risk-averse has been taken over .

2.Responding to Change over Following a Plan: Depending upon the nature of the business, the ction of this value changes. In recognition of the need to be more adaptive, those working in highly gulated fields such as, insurance, banking or pharma would possibly sign badly.

3. Numerous Small Experiments over a Few Big Bets: It represents the core agile belief of continuous provement. However, the testing is the first thing that is eliminated from the program, when budget is ited, time period shortens or resources are overextended.

4. Testing and Data over Opinions and Conventions: Many advertisers claim that the lack of access , comprehensive monitoring data or the scarcities of professional tools to review and extract ights are holding them back. Agile marketing makes use of data in its every step of marketing process. starts by analysing the potential possibilities using the findings and observations available, quantifying predicted advantage and then determining what to do first. The programme is developed, launched and asure at this stage. And at last, lessons and opportunities for optimisation are recognised and served ck into the next project cycle.

5. Collaboration over Silos and Hierarchy: In order to truly agile, the organisation should collaborate th the whole business for effective decision-making.

6. Individuals and Interactions over One Size Fits All: It is a big change in the attitude for software velopers to be more centered on the customer’s desires, but it is second nature to most advertisers. chnology acts as a hurdle for delivering more personalised services. However, the information and chnology will affect how far and fast advertisers can go. On the other hand, there are some other enablers that are ignored



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