Doctor movie review: An enjoyable comedy-caper that has Sivakarthikeyan playing down his strengths


Let me start by saying that I had a lot of pleasure watching the Doctor team’s behind-the-scenes films. One of them shows director Nelson frantically waiting for a song outside composer Anirudh’s studio. “Ippo lam directors studio vella padhuturanga,” the composer says as he walks out with his phone in his hand (These days, directors have started sleeping outside the studio). They don’t realize that music composition is a creative endeavor.”

‘Doctor’ movie review: An enjoyable comedy-caper that has Sivakarthikeyan playing down his strengths

Another amusing exchange between the director and hero Sivakarthikeyan occurs when the former teases the latter about the Kalaimamani award he just received.

The majority of these films are taken seriously, but they are also full of comedy and clever repartees. Nelson’s irreverence is carried over to the big screen in Doctor. Doctor movie

The director has shown his ability to fascinate viewers with the tale of an ordinary family achieving remarkable things in Kolamavu Kokila. In this film, he sticks to the same formula, and the result is an interesting story of a family going to tremendous measures to rescue a loved one.

That’s the essence of it, but the movie starts with Varun (Sivakarthikeyan), a doctor who is a stickler for order. He’s also pragmatic in his outlook on life, which is why the lady he loves (Priyanka Arul Mohan, who doesn’t have much on her plate) doesn’t reciprocate his sentiments; she wants for someone with more emotions, more heart.

She’ll see everything eventually; when a youngster from their family is abducted, Varun leaps to action. Will he be victorious?

The film’s greatest selling point is that it isn’t about the Doctor; in this instance, it is about Sivakarthikeyan. In fact, this is his most subdued performance to yet. It deprives him of his upbeat and exuberant personality, which has endeared him to family audiences. He’s like a Rishabh Pant keeping silent on the crease in Doctor (Pant is known for his aggressive style of batting). His speech is staccato-like as well. It wouldn’t have made much of a difference if Chitti from Endhiran had been put here.

Sivakarthikeyan, like the Professor from the famous series Money Heist, remains in the background while attempting to persuade a family to do something that is usually the responsibility of the police department. The family, as well as the others they encounter on their roller-coaster journey to save their loved one, are full of fascinating personalities.

The opening half of the film is packed with laughs, thanks to comic actor Ben Kingsley’s aggressive language delivery. Nelson injects a lot of humour into the situations, to the point that even action sequences are amusing (check out the one shot inside a Metro train compartment). Despite the fact that he loses the narrative in the second half, the intriguing cast of people he has created and their performances keep you engaged till the conclusion. Doctor movie

Doctor, like many other Tamil films in recent years, focuses on a social issue: human trafficking. Statistics and conversations demonstrating the reason are reduced to a few lines… what a relief. Unnale is also enjoyable to see. Unnale Vinay plays a character with a lot of gray areas; it’s not much to write home about, but wow, does Vinay still look good. The usage of a Carnatic melodic phrase (‘The Soul of Doctor’ track) in a slow-motion combat scene, as well as the foot-tapping ‘Chellamma’ song, are significant highlights of Anirudh’s music and background soundtrack in Doctor. Vijay Karthik Kannan’s cinematography also provides several brightly illuminated shots. All of this is jam-packed into Doctor, a 148-minute roller-coaster comedy. All of this bodes well for Beast, filmmaker Nelson’s next Vijay film.



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