Msrtc Mofat Pravas Yojana | 50% off on MSRTC buses significant changes to travel


Msrtc Mofat Pravas Yojana- According to today’s articles, the government is giving women traveling on ST a 50% discount. But this rule has recently undergone a significant change. What modifications exactly are these? what rules and regulations apply in this case. We will learn today through this article which bus you will receive this trip in, i.e., the 50% discount. For that, read the entire article. The rural lifeline is known as “Lal Pari.”

Msrtc Mofat Pravas Yojana

Mofat Pravas Yojana of Msrtc

Lal Pari has arrived in Maharashtra villages today. As a result, the government has now decided to offer women in these rural areas a 50% discount. Women in the state now receive a 50% bus discount as a result of this decision. But what guidelines and guidelines has the government established for this? Let’s look at the details regarding which bus will receive a 50% discount.

ST Travel Guidelines

You must be wondering at this point if the buses are air-conditioned or not. Let’s look at the details regarding the bus on which you will receive discounts. To view the list of buses where you receive a discount, click on the information provided below. For AC bus services, an accident assistance fund will be added to the passenger fare and the goods and service tax amount. In other words, if your ticket costs 10 rupees, you will receive a 5 rupee discount. You will be required to purchase a ticket for 7 rupees if there is a 2 rupee tax added to it.

Msrtc Mahila Samman Yojana

And since Amrit Jyeshtha Nagarik Yojana is in effect for women above 75 years of age, they will be able to travel for free. In this, the relaxation rule will apply to women between the age group of 65 to 75 years, but there is no update yet on when this rule will come into effect. But these are the kind of rules you can’t benefit from outside these rules. And you can see the official information and the decision of the government in this context given below.



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