ZackTTG Net worth 2023 – Girlfriend, Car and Income


ZackTTG Net worth 2022 – Girlfriend, Car and Income– The incredible YouTuber known as ZackTTG was born and raised in the United States of America. According to the statistics from 2023, ZackTTG now has a net worth of around $3.5 million.

ZackTTG Net worth 2023 – Girlfriend, Car and Income
ZackTTG Net worth 2022 - Girlfriend, Car and Income
ZackTTG Net worth 2022 – Girlfriend, Car and Income

ZackTTG, a gamer from the United States who broadcasts his sessions live on Twitch, is becoming more famous. In addition to that, he is a popular vlogger on YouTube. Additionally, he goes by the handle “TheTravelingGamer,” which is what first propelled him to stardom. In addition to that, the YouTuber started playing NBA 2K in the year 2017. At that time, he was concentrating on the online community known as 2Hype.

Learn more about the earnings of ZackTTG, as well as his income and compensation, as well as his career and other facts.

ZackTTG Earnings, Income and Salary

The YouTube channel ZackTTG has more than 1,030,000 followers and has accumulated a total view count of 96,898,585 throughout its 181 available videos. The earnings range for ZackTTG per month are between $2,169 and $6,194. Earnings for the year range anywhere from $23,024 to $65,747 for ZackTTG.

The profits range from around $587 to $1,676 per video for ZackTTG on average. The income that ZackTTG makes from his YouTube channel ranges from $1,800 to $5,400 every single month.

The ZackTTG YouTube channel averages around 45.96 thousand views per day, which works out to 1.38 million views per month. Every one thousand times one of their videos is seen, the ad-supported channel receives a payment.

ZackTTG not only makes money via YouTube, but also through sponsorships of other kinds. Affiliate commissions are another source of revenue for him in addition to his other sources of income.

ZackTTG Girlfriend

ZackTTG Net worth 2022 – Girlfriend, Car and Income
ZackTTG Net worth 2022 - Girlfriend, Car and Income
ZackTTG Net worth 2022 – Girlfriend, Car and Income

According to ZackTTG’s relationship status, it seems that ZackTTG is seeing Jade. According to the results of ZackTTG’s girlfriend investigation, Mowley may be dating Jade Meadows. Since the year 2020, he has been involved in this relationship. In addition, he had told her, “I’m so in love with you, your heart, and all of the lovely memories we have built together,” which was another expression of his affection for her.

ZackTTG Net worth 2022 – Girlfriend, Car and Income
ZackTTG Net worth 2022 - Girlfriend, Car and Income
ZackTTG Net worth 2022 – Girlfriend, Car and Income


  • Channel name – ZackTTG
  • Joined on – 11 Jul 2015
  • Number of subscriber – 1.3M+

Early Life and Career

ZackTTG, a popular YouTuber who is also an incredible live-streaming professional for gaming videos, has built his business in recent years. He had been a dedicated player of video games for a long time. Even in modern times, Zack continues to play basketball and often demonstrates his incredible skills on the court.

ZackTTG had been a student at Chino Hills High School when he was younger. LaMelo Ball, a rising star in the NBA, counted him as a buddy in the past. Having said that, there are a lot of videos available where ZackTTG demonstrates basketball tips and tricks.

Zack, the wealthy and renowned YouTuber, had moved to the city of Los Angeles, California, while he was still a little child. He made this choice in order to become a well-known and well recognised online star. After some time had passed, he relocated to the 2HYPE cooperation home. From that point on, he began to enjoy a prosperous existence thanks to his relationships with Jesser, Mopi, Kristopher London, TDPresents, and Los Pollos TV.

Zack, now one of the top earners on YouTube, got his start in the industry by broadcasting live gameplay on the platform Twitch. As a result of it, he had gained a following of thousands of people. Then, Twitch and YouTube brought him the fame he needed as well, as the channel amassed an incredible number of subscribers.

You may also find some responses films with some of the most popular pranks and challenges scattered among the videos. Zack has also worked along with a number of other well-known influencers on YouTube. JesserTheLazer, TDPresents, and Kristopher London are just a few of the artists that have worked together successfully.

Before becoming famous as a high-earning YouTuber and amassing the staggering net worth of ZackTTG, he was formerly employed as an electrical engineer and competed in video games under the alias TheTravelingGamer. His professional status as a sportsperson has always been marked by his content around sports, particularly football and basketball.

Over the years, he has established himself as the extroverted entertainer, and in 2015, he started streaming on Twitch. Up to this point, he has amassed 150,000 followers. Additionally, ZackTTG is the proud owner of an opulent home in the City of Angels.

In addition to that, his channel is full with humorous response videos, many of which are part of video series including challenges. Both “Try not to Laugh” and “Grin Challenge” are two of his videos that have received the most views. Having such a remarkable run of success on YouTube is the reason why you’re included on our list of top YouTubers’ net worth.

Highlight on Some videos and Earnings

The following is a collection of videos that have received an incredible amount of views:

Try to Guess the Contracts of the NBA All-Stars!! has made between $4 and $10 with 3.2 thousand views.
Battle Royale for the Rare Cactus Featuring Basketball Trick Shots Jack Jersey has amassed more than 152.4 thousand views and has made between $167 and $477.
Over 140,800 people have watched Ultimate NBA Basketball Shooting RELAY RACE Challenge!!, and the creator has made between $154 and $441 from the effort.

If you prevail in the basketball competition, you’ll get to spin the prize wheel. has made anywhere between $305 and $871 with 278,4000 views.
Try Your Hand at Guessing This ALL-TIME NBA Dynamic Duo!! It has made between $193 and $551 with 175.9 thousand views thus far.
ZackTTG has just made a video that has been quite successful on YouTube.
He has gained a significant amount of notoriety because to the streaming videos of video games like League of Legends, Fortunate, and Apex.

ZackTTG Cars

Despite the fact that the YouTuber has been seen driving fine vehicles, there is currently no information that can be found on the automobiles that he owns.


What is Zackttg age?
ZackTTG is 33 years old.

What height is Zackttg?
ZackTTG is 6 feet tall (182 cm).

Is Zackttg London related to Kristopher London?
British-American YouTuber Kristopher London is well-known for posting a variety of funny content. Although they like exchanging emotions, rants, challenges, and experiences and appearing together on YouTube, they are not related.

How much does Zackttg weigh?
Zackttg weight is 83 Kg (182 lbs).

Last words

ZackTTG is getting sufficient popularity in the streaming industry. In recent years, ZackTTG’s extraordinary net worth has garnered him further notice. As a result, ZackTTG has become a web phenomenon. Stay tuned for further updates involving comparable YouTubers, as we continue to update often. Also, please let us know in the comment area what you think of ZackTTG.

ZackTTG Net worth 2022 – Girlfriend, Car and Income



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