Adam LZ Net Worth – Wife, Income and Latest Earnings

Adam lz Net worth – Adam LZ, an American YouTuber, is well-known for his BMX stunt videos, drifting videos, and personal vlogs. The estimated net worth of Adam LZ in 2023 is approximately $4.5 million.

Adam LZ Net Worth - Wife, Income and Latest Earnings

Learn more about Adam LZ’s earnings, income, salary, and career opportunities.

Adam LZ Income, Earnings and Salary

Adam LZ’s monthly income is around $70,000. Thus, Adam LZ’s annual profits are around $840,000.

People keep wondering:

How much money does Adam LZ make per year?

Every one thousand times one of their videos is seen, an ad-supported channel receives a payment. YouTube channels that are monetized may earn between $3 and $7 for every one thousand views on their videos.

In addition to this, they generate cash via the marketing of their own goods, the acceptance of sponsorships, and the generation of revenue through affiliate commissions.

Three million dollars is the amount of income that he generates through YouTube Adam. Over the course of the last eight years, he has been working in this industry. On a daily basis, the channel acquires around 1,500 new customers. In addition to this, becoming mentioned on the list of top YouTuber’s net worth is also possible due to the extreme popularity of the channel and the number of views the videos get.

The majority of the money comes from the advertisements that are shown on the videos. Each video that he uploads often receives between 300,000 and 800,000 views within a matter of hours and lasts for around 20 minutes. In light of the aforementioned, the monthly revenues at Adam LZ are around $70,000. Having being that, the Adam LZ’s annual profits are around $840,000.

The wealthy and well-known YouTuber brings in around $500,000 a year through sponsorships, in addition to the enormous amount of money they get from the advertising income on YouTube. The advancements that he has achieved in his industry have contributed to the enormous Adam LZ net worth that he now has.

The price tag on the Adam LZ automobile collection is believed to be somewhere in the neighbourhood of $450,000. In addition to that, he owns a home in Florida that is somewhere in the neighbourhood of $700.000.

Since Adam LZ makes his home in the state of Florida, the effective tax rate on the money he earns from his career will be approximately 32%. It is believed that his total profits throughout the course of his career are somewhere in the neighbourhood of three million dollars, after taking into account taxes and expenses.

It is probable that he has spent $900,000 of the money he has accumulated over the course of his career, but he has also gained $650,000 from his investments. In addition, Adam LZ would have been responsible for making a payment of around 600,000 dollars in business charges.

Companies with substantial pockets may focus their advertisements on the top 5% of the most popular content via a programme called Google Preferred. These prices for advertisements are much higher than the average.

The subscribers of YouTube Red, who pay a subscription fee in order to access premium content and videos on YouTube without having to endure advertisements, are another source of revenue for YouTube creators. They earn money here depending on how much time users spend watching their movies. When people watch their films for longer periods of time, the company makes more money.

Adam LZ Merch

Adam LZ goods collection is highly renowned. The items are sold on the Adam LZ website, He offers Accessories, Clothing, Chaser Tee, and Automobiles.

Adam LZ automobiles

Among his cars are modified Nissan 240SX and S15 models. European sports vehicles are represented in Adam LZ’s automobile collection with the Porsche GT3 RS. He has a Ford Mustang GT350 and a Ford F350 as well.


The YouTube Channel was first developed and is now managed by its owner, Adam Lizotte-Zeisler. Having said that, “Adam Lz” has gained a lot of attention thanks to the videos on YouTube.

Because to the incredible quality of his films, he has more than 3 million subscribers. Over the last eight years, he has become very famous as a result of releasing movies online. In addition, the films include extreme sports as well as vehicle stunts, BMX tricks, and other types of sports.

Recognition has been brought to him as a result of his work with other celebrities, such as Tanner Fox. The video in which his father is seen driving a Porsche is quite popular among lovers of videos. In addition, “Walmart Game of Bike” is one of the films that has received the most views. This is the one with more than nine million videos uploaded to it. Over 8 million people have seen a unique Mother’s Day film that features the speaker’s mother frightening herself in the vehicle of her choice.

Notable recordings, including videos with titles like “Freedom factory Full Send,” “First Drifts in Mustang,” and “The worst way drift week could finish,” have also contributed to the celebrity’s rise to prominence. In 2016, Adam continued working with “Xtreme Video Network,” which he had been doing since 2015.

On February 3, 2020, Adam uploaded a recording to the channel that was hosted on YouTube. The notoriety he receives is plenty thanks to the videos of him riding that he posts on YouTube. The notoriety is furthermore attributable to the stunts, Float records, BMX webisodes, and other similar things.

The YouTube channel has a value of two million dollars.
The value of the retail company is one hundred thousand dollars.

Adam LZ Wife

The revelations about Adam LZ’s wife seem to indicate that Adam LZ was married to Nicole Frye. The year 2016 marked the couple’s wedding year. When Adam first began his studies at the University of Central Florida, the couple set out on their journey together. Back then, Nichole was studying to become a primary school teacher.

Adam LZ Net Worth – Wife, Income and Latest Earnings

There are videos that provide documentation of the proposal, and one of them shows the fire tower that is located in Connecticut. There, in engraved form, are the two individuals’ names. They exchanged wedding vows in July of 2016. They extended invitations to over 160 individuals.

Despite their best efforts, the marriage was doomed to fail. The issue first manifested itself when Adam and Nicole’s relationship began to experience difficulties. In October of 2018, the couple decided to end their relationship. After trying for a year to keep the relationship together, they made the decision to formally announce their breakup right away. The couple initially responded with a video titled “pls leave us alone,” and then they discussed the possibility of getting a divorce.

Adam LZ and Collette Davis were seeing each other at the time.


  • Channel name – Adam LZ 
  • Joined on – 3 Feb 2013
  • Number of subscriber – 3.39M+


Over the course of the past ten years, Adam Lizotte-Zeisler, who is also the proprietor and creator of the YouTube channel known as “Adam LZ,” has uploaded videos to the channel that are focused on extreme sports, motor vehicles, and BMX stunts. As a result, he has amassed over three million subscribers. Adam LZ has amassed an incredible net worth because to the success of his YouTube channel.

The American YouTuber Adam LZ became well-known on the platform with the upload of videos including BMX stunts, drifting footage, and personal vlogs. In addition to collections of extreme sports, the films include topics such as road tests, auto racing, lifestyle videos, and evaluations of various motor vehicles. In addition to that, he devotes films to the process of giving away prizes to his viewers and subscribers, which boosts his interaction with those audiences.

Early life and beginnings of a career

Adam LZ, whose birth name is Adam Lizotte-Zeisler, spent his childhood in the town of Woodbury in Connecticut. When they were younger, the top paying YouTube celebrity had always had a fascination with the platform. Since 2013, he has been successfully engaging an enormous number of viewers who are between the ages of 12 and 24. He had completed his education at the University of Central Florida in the business management programme.

Adam was born on May 5th, 1995, and he was reared in the farming town. Adam’s birthday is May 5th. The city of Waterbury, Connecticut, in the United States, may be reached in only twenty minutes from this location. He would spend around two weeks in the woods camp each year. After that, for the next three to four years, he would always follow the same routine over the summer. During that time period, he routinely put in riding practise, which helped him steadily hone his talents.

Adam, who is now a highly compensated YouTuber and vlogger, started his channel in 2012 and has since garnered sufficient reputation for his work. Because to his efforts, he now has around 3 million people subscribed to his channel on YouTube. A sufficient amount of notoriety has also been acquired by him as a result of his ability to create videos that are both amusing and intriguing. The videos that he creates that centre on racing automobiles, testing vehicles, and other lifestyle topics are what bring him prominence. His movies include not only collections of extreme activities but also critiques of various motor vehicles. In addition, films emphasise how increasing interaction with viewers and subscribers by giving away rewards boosts engagement.

Adam LZ, who became an Internet phenomenon due to his immense popularity, has a propensity for high-risk activities and fast automobiles. In addition to that, he had been contributing to a YouTube channel throughout this time period. This kind of effort demonstrates how passionate he is about automobiles. His success may be attributed to the fact that he has managed to remain consistent throughout the course of his career. Adam has amassed a significant online following despite his young age, particularly on social media.

In addition, there is a purpose behind the tremendous amount of money that Adam LZ has. A significant number of new subscribers are being added to his channel on a daily basis. He is coming up with engaging material and uploading it on a regular basis. The fact that the YouTuber is familiar with both the BMW and the extreme sports vehicles helps to establish him or her as a specialist in the field.

He earns a significant amount of money by monitoring the videos on YouTube because of the adverts. A significant amount of money is also guaranteed to be made through the Adam LZ apparel line and the advertising of the associated YouTube channel. Videos are what provide him the profits from the affiliate commissions.


What is his name?
Adam LZ, an American YouTuber, is well-known for his BMX stunt films, drifting videos, and personal vlogs.

How much is Adam LZ worth?
The current estimation of Adam LZ’s net worth is about $4.5 million.

Who is Adam LZ’s partner?
Adam LZ and Nicole Frye were wed. The wedding took place in 2016. The pair began their trip when Adam enrolled at the University of Central Florida. However, the marriage did not last. Adam LZ and Collette Davis began dating later.

What is Adam LZ’s occupation?
Adam Lizotte-Zeisler, commonly known online as Adam LZ, is a wealthy and well-known American vlogger, automobile YouTuber, Formula Drift racer, and former professional BMX rider. This is his income source.

What is Adam LZ’s true identity?
Adam LZ true name is Adam Lizotte-Zeisler.

What is the Adam LZ drift vehicle?
He owns a new Mustang RTR with a V8 engine. Adam LZ hopes to improve his performance and win a title with his new RTR Drift squad. Adam LZ has also prepared for the 2022 Formula Drift season by joining a new team, acquiring a new partner in Chelsea DeNofa, and purchasing a brand-new 2022 Ford Mustang RTR.

What wheels do Adam LZ S15 have?
Adam LZ confirmed his intention to compete for Nitto Tires, joining Vaughn Gittin Jr., Chelsea Denofa, and Ryan Tuerck.

What wheels does Adam LZ’s chaser have?
The 1JZ-powered Toyota Chaser JZX100 of Adam Lz. Utilize the dynamometer to fine-tune the Garrett G25-660! It had the first three-piece custom wheels.

What is the Adam LZ drift car formula?
Adam LZ has prepared for the 2022 Formula Drift season and is the proud owner of a brand-new 2022 Ford Mustang RTR. Instead of the 2JZ engine that propelled him to Rookie of the Year in 2020, the new Mustang RTR has a nitrous-injected V-8.

Why did Adam LZ stop BMX?
Adam LZ opted to leave Stranger after being a member of the group. Adam was dissatisfied with how things were going and wanted to move on. He does not ride for a team and is not considered a professional.

When did Adam LZ start drifting?
Adam LZ has been exploring the globe and sharing his experiences on YouTube since 2009.

When did Adam LZ begin dating colette?
Adam LZ and Collette Davis began a relationship.

What is Adam LZ’s origin?
Adam LZ is a native of Woodbury, Connecticut, in the United States.

Where is Adam LZ from?
The renowned YouTuber Adam LZ hails from Woodbury, Connecticut, United States.

Who was the winner of Adam LZ Supra?
Nicolas Szapiel won Adam LZ Supra.

What is Adam LZ’s net worth?
Adam LZ is worth around $4.5 million.

Adam LZ is married?
In 2016, Adam LZ married Nicole Frye. In 2013, while Adam was enrolled in his first semester at the University of Central Florida, the couple initially met. However, the marriage did not last. According to recent information, Adam LZ and Collette Davis have begun dating.

Is Adam LZ prohibited in Australia?
A recent report mentioned: Adam LZ’s notoriety as a hoon is no longer confined to the United States; he is now infamous in Australia as well. In addition, some have suggested that Adam Lz may be barred from Australia, but Virginia will welcome him with open arms, along with his S15 and grip vehicle!

Is Adam LZ in Formula drift 2022?
Yes, he was captured in action at the April 1-2, 2022 season premiere of Formula Drift at the Streets of Long Beach in Long Beach, California.

Is Adam LZ heading to RTR?
Fans have been requesting Is Adam LZ joining RTR? Adam joined the RTR team. He indicated that he was focusing on other RTR and off-road racing responsibilities. “I’m thrilled to be teaming with RTR this year,” LZ stated in an RTR press statement. In addition, he had the confidence of one of the most competitive vehicles and a crew of seasoned professionals operating as a well-oiled machine.

Last words

Additionally, Adam owned a warehouse. Additionally, some fans believe that the product industry is more lucrative than the YouTube channel. Adam LZ, one of the most popular automotive YouTubers, has an incredible net worth. It is a consequence of the popular and profitable merchandise line. Please share your opinions on the YouTuber in the comment box. We are eager to hear from you.

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