Damien Prince Net worth 2023 – Age, Family, Wife and Earnings


Damien Prince Net Worth 2023– Damien Prince, an American YouTuber and well-known social media personality, is well-known for his vlogging on D&B Nation, his YouTube channel. Additionally, Damien Prince has an additional YouTube channel called The Prince Family with millions of subscribers. The estimated net worth of Damien Prince in 2023 is $20 million.

Damien Prince Net worth 2023 – Age, Family, Wife and Earnings

Damien Prince Net worth 2022 - Age, Family, Wife and Earnings
Damien Prince Net worth 2023 – Age, Family, Wife and Earnings

What does Damien Prince make per year?

Damien Prince derives the majority of his income from YouTube advertising revenue.The Monetized YouTube channel generates revenue by displaying video advertisements for every one thousand views. Monetized YouTube channels may earn between $3 and $7 for one thousand views. Sponsorships, affiliate commissions, product sales, and speaking engagements produce far more money than advertisements.

A programme called as Google Preferred enables wealthy businesses to place advertisements on the top 5% of the most popular content. In addition to ad revenue, the YouTuber earns additional income from YouTube Red subscribers who pay a monthly subscription fee to see premium material on YouTube and watch videos without advertisements.

Damien Prince is compensated depending on the viewing time of their videos. The longer people see their videos, the more revenue they generate.

Damien Prince Relationship (wife and Family)

Damien Prince Net worth 2022 - Age, Family, Wife and Earnings
Damien Prince Net worth 2022 – Age, Family, Wife and Earnings

Damien Prince is currently married. Damien Prince’s marriage to his longtime girlfriend, Biannca Raines, is believed to have taken place in 2017. The couple is raising four children in a loving family. The names of Damien Prince’s sons are DJ and Kyrie. The names of Damien Prince’s daughters are Nova and Ayla Faith.

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Damien Prince Net worth 2022 - Age, Family, Wife and Earnings
Damien Prince Net worth 2022 – Age, Family, Wife and Earnings

Damien Prince Bio

Damien Prince, an American YouTuber and social media star, amassed his net worth via social media marketing and corporate partnerships. Damien Prince is most known for his vlogging on the YouTube channel D&B Nation, but he also has millions of followers on the channel The Prince Family.

The Crazy Sex Tape Prank video by Damien Prince is one of the most popular videos on his channel, with over one million views. Damien Prince is also labelled as a coward or self-hater by certain of his fans since he is the kind of guy that despises his own race.

Damien Prince Early life and profession

Damien Antwon Prince Jr., better known as Damien Prince, was born on 18 February 1992 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States. Damien Prince is a renowned YouTuber.Damion Prince’s father is a businessman by the name of Damion Cryer.Sybrena Cooper, the mother of Damien Prince, is a homemaker.

Damien Prince Wiki and Damien Prince Biography updates indicate that he was reared in a Fort Wayne, Indiana, household of the upper-middle class. Additionally, he has four younger brothers and sisters. The sisters of Damien Prince are Sypaira Cooper and Margaret Foster. The brothers of Damien Prince are Antone Cooper and Darion Cryer.

In addition, according to his academic history, Damien Prince finished his early education at South Side High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States. In addition, he abandoned his studies since he had lost interest in them since infancy. Damien Antwon Prince Jr. was approx. 10 times arrested.Prior to becoming a wealthy and well-known YouTuber, Damien Prince supported himself by working at Little Caesars.

The moment he met the love of his life was when he met Bianca as his coworker. On March 11, 2016, they launched their first YouTube channel, D&B Nation, which radically altered their life.The second YouTube channel, which was launched on August 24, 2016, also contributed to their tremendous profits.

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The YouTuber’s extensive The Prince Family net worth is a result of the knowledge he has acquired.With over 1 million views, the video dubbed D&B Nation Sex Tape Prank was one of the most successful videos on his channel. As he despises his own ethnicity, a few of his viewers have labelled him a snob or a self-hater.

Damien Prince began his YouTube career with the creation of two channels, D&B Nation and The Prince family. On both of his YouTube channels, he amassed a massive fan base and audience. The pranks and challenges videos on his YouTube account amuse his audience. Fans like the original concepts and new material.

Who’s the Freakiest Couple, Top 100 Rap Songs of 2018 Reaction, and We Got Jumped Prank on Husband and Boyfriend are popular videos from the top-earning YouTuber. Damien Prince is also an R&B musician. Damien Prince has received recognition for a number of successful music videos. Numerous brand endorsements, particularly for well-known products like as CapBeast, have gained him sufficient fame.

The Prince Family is a YouTube vlog channel created by the well-known YouTube duo Damien Prince and Bianca Raines. Prince Family consists of their children DJ and KY.

In addition, they emphasise their daily lives, obstacles, games, and any other interesting stuff. Although the family is from Fort Wayne, they presently reside in Texas, United States. The Prince Family’s extraordinary net worth places them in the category of the wealthiest YouTubers.

Damien Prince Earnings, Income and Salary

Damien Prince’s monthly YouTube profits are roughly $50,000. This information indicates that Damien Prince earns around $600,000 annually.

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Damien Prince scandal

Damien Prince gained notoriety as a controversial YouTuber for making disrespectful remarks regarding his race. In addition, he has shown a preference for ladies with lighter complexion over those with darker skin. The proof is Video Smash or Pass in the year 2017.

Information about Damien Prince’s contact details

Fans are searching for Damien Prince’s contact details, including his phone number. Therefore, it is worthwhile to investigate the specifics.


What is Damien Prince’s age?
Damien Prince is thirty years old.

What Is Damien And Bianca’s Age?
Damien Prince is 30 years old, whilst Bianca Prince is 23.

What is Damien Prince’s height?
The height of Damien Prince is 5 feet, 6 inches.

How much are Bianca and Damien worth?
Bianca And Damien have an estimated net worth of $30 million.

Did Damien And Bianca Break Up?
Damien played a practical joke on Bianca by getting her angry about her sexual skills. The pair clashed about the fact that Biannca was unhappy with Damien due to their sexual relationship. However, there is no evidence that they have broken up.

Who is Damien’s mother?
Sybrena Cooper, the mother of Damien Prince, is a homemaker.

Last words

The couple and their whole family are now very well-known and rich YouTube personalities. In addition, the significant Damien Prince net worth has attracted the attention of several people who are aware of their YouTube career. Stay tuned for further developments.

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