Lil Keed Net worth (2023) – Age, Height, girlfriend, income and Earnings


Lil Keed Net worth (2023)– Rapper Lil Keed, real name Raqhid Jevon Render, was a pro. Future American rapper Lil Keed hails from Atlanta, Georgia. Lil Keed’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million as of 2023.

In 2017, the song first appeared on media channels. He portrayed himself in a manner reminiscent to that of many other artists. The rapper and singer also made an effort to include additional melodies in his work.

But regrettably, the rapper passed away too soon from liver and renal failure.

Learn more about the earnings, income, salary, career, and other characteristics of Lil Keed.

Lil Keed Income, Salary and Earnings

Approximately $30,000 was earned each month by Lil Keed. Having stated that, the annual profits of the Lil Keed were around $360,000. These profits came from the artist’s work as a rapper, vocalist, and composer respectively.

Lil Keed source of income

The young musician made the most of his money doing live shows, endorsing various brands, and working as a professional rapper.

The question, “What was Lil Keed’s net worth or how much did Lil Keed earn?” is one of the most often asked questions we get.

The Monetized channel is able to make cash by displaying advertisements after every one thousand times that one of its videos is viewed. Earnings for one thousand video views were ranging from $3 to $7 for the YouTube channel known as Lil Keed. In addition to that, the YouTuber had sponsors and increased earnings by marketing his own items

Cause of death

Because the discomfort was intolerable, the “Blicky Blicky” rapper ultimately checked himself into a hospital in Los Angeles to be evaluated for his condition. His liver and kidneys started to fail while he was being treated in the hospital, which ultimately led to his premature death.

Lil Keed Girlfriend

It seems from Lil Keed’s past relationships that he did not have a partner. On the other hand, there have been whispers that the Disney actress Skai Jackson was the woman Lil Keed intended to marry. She became embroiled in a conflict with the woman who was carrying Lil Keed’s child. There have been reports that Quana Bandz, who is Lil Keed’s baby mother, has lashed out at Nivea after discovering what she claims to be text messages from Nivea to Keed. Lil Keed daughter is Naychur.


  • Channel name – Lil Keed
  • Joined on – 6 Sept 2018
  • Number of subscribers – 475k

Lil Keed Bio

Lil Keed is a stage name for the young and promising emerging artist Rachid Jevon Render. His true name is well recognised. Born on the 16th of March in the year 1998 in the city of Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States of America Forest Park was the neighbourhood where Lil Keed, the fifth of seven children, spent his childhood. After that, he made his way to Atlanta, where he settled on Cleveland Avenue, attended a Private High School throughout his whole career, and ultimately graduated from a Private College.

Lil Keed Early Life and Career

Lil Keed, who was born in Atlanta, Georgia on March 16, 1998, also spent his formative years in the city.

Although their parents divorced when they were very young, the rapper is one of seven siblings, including six brothers and one sister. Rapping was something that Lil Keed began doing at a very early age. However, following the death of his companion, Lil Keed committed himself to working very hard.

He had always lived in close proximity to a recording studio, which provided him with the chance to make daily recordings. Additionally, the studio paid him a dividend for his work. As he grew up, Lil Keed developed a passion for listening to songs like Young Thug and Rich Kidz. The amount of money that Lil Keed has amassed has earned him a place among the highest paid YouTube stars.

In updates from 2017, it is said that songs from Lil Keed began to surface on various media outlets. In one of the very first tracks, the phrase “brother Lil got it” appears. In the updates from July 2018, it is said that Lil Keed was able to release a mixtape successfully. It turned out to be a 16-track project, and it gained a lot of traction in the market.

The most recent updates from September say that Lil Keed and Young Thug have collaborated on a single. However, before he made this choice, he looked over some of his songs, contacted him, and established a working connection with him.

Lil Keed Interaction with fans

The contact that Lil Keed had with his supporters was genuine. Additionally, he often broadcasts live on Instagram and enjoys sharing renowned tunes there.

Not only does Lil Keed go around town wearing his most expensive jewels, but he also enjoys doing it in the absence of any type of protection.

Lil Keed has also voiced his support for the idea that he should try out for a role in a movie. In addition to this, he has made it known to the public that he does not want to continue rapping for the rest of his life. In addition, the rapper wanted to follow in Ice Cube’s footsteps and seek a career in acting by enrolling in acting classes.

Lil Keed and Young Thug shared the same Cleveland Avenue neighbourhood, therefore their musical styles were somewhat comparable. In addition, Keed became a member of the YSL records roster. Keed builds off of Young Thug’s many different flows and concepts, particularly his high-pitched delivery. This serves as a foundation for Keed to grow off of.

The fact that the song “Nameless” made it all the way to number 42 on the Billboard Hip Hop/R&B Songs Airplay chart is one of the most significant accomplishments.


Who is Lil Keed Brother?

Lil Keed’s younger brother is Lil Gotit.

Where did Lil Keed come from?

Lil Keed is from Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States.

Why does Lil Keed like Mexico so much?

For some reason, he adores Mexico.

What exactly was Lil Keed Car?

He has an expensive automobile.

What did Lil Keed sign for?

Raqhid Jevon Render has inked a deal with Young Thug’s record company, YSL Records, as well as 300 Entertainment.

Who did Lil Keed date?

According to his dating history, Lil Keed was single. 

However, there are several reports that he dated Disney actress Skai Jackson. 

People have also suggested that she was the intended wife of Lil Keed. 

She got embroiled in a saga with Lil Keed’s baby mom. 

There are also reports that Lil Keed’s baby mom, Quana Bandz, blasted Nivea after allegedly intercepting text conversations from her to Keed. 

Naychur is Lil Keed’s daughter.

Lil Keed’s net worth remained unknown.

According to the most recent estimations, Lil Keed’s net worth is $2 million.

What is the true name of Lil Keed?

Raqhid Jevon Render is Lil Keed’s actual name.

What day is Lil Keed’s birthday?

Lil Keed was born on March 16th.

Lil Keed was signed to who?

Young Thugs Young Stoner Life Records signed Lil Keed.

Who was Lil Keed with?

Skai Jackson was said to be dating rapper Lil Keed.

Snake Lil Keed was created by whom?

Snake Lil Keed was created by CuBeatz and Pyrex.

What was Lil Keed’s net worth?

According to current studies, Lil Keed’s net worth is $2 million.

Is Lil Gotit linked to Lil Keed?

Lil Gotit and Lil Keed are blood brothers who share the same mother and father.

Is Young Thug Lil Keed’s father?

Young Thug does not have a biological connection with Lil Keed. 

In addition to 300 Entertainment, he was signed to Young Thug’s record company YSL Records.

Is Lil Keed of South African origin?

Lil Keed was a rapper from the United States.

Is Lil Keed the kid of Young Thug?

No, he didn’t. 

Young Thug does not have a biological connection with Lil Keed. 

Young Thug’s record company, YSL Records, as well as 300 Entertainment, signed Lil Keed.

Last words

Lil Keed’s net worth has steadily increased as the rapper focuses on his business and signs new recordings. 

Share your thoughts about the rapper in the comments section below.



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