Linus tech Tips Net Worth – Age, Income, Wife, YouTube Income

Linus Tech Tips Net Worth– Over the years, Linus Sebastian, a wealthy and well-known content producer best known for operating the YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips, has attained tremendous renown. Linus tech tips’ estimated Net Worth in 2024 is around $120 Million (Approx.).

Linus tech Tips Net Worth - Age, Income, Wife, YouTube Income

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Real NameLinus Gabriel Sebastian
Net worth$120 Million
Birth DateAugust 20, 1986

Linus Tech Tips Earnings, income and Salary

Fans keep asking:

How much does Linus earn from YouTube?

Linus Tech Tips, the flagship channel of Linus Media Group, has earned Linus Sebastian an estimated $57 million from YouTube advertisements alone.

This number does not include item sales, sponsorships, affiliate commissions, and other sources of income.

Linus Tech Tips has earned him more than $57 million, Techquickie more than $4.83 million, TechLinked more than $2.401 million, ShortCircuit more than $2.63 million, Super Fun more than $1.34 million, LMG Clips more than $672,00, Mac Adress more than $170,000, Linus Cat Tips more than $61,600, and They’re Just Movies more than $24,000.

The majority of Linus Media Group’s $4.86 million in monthly income comes from sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and products.

YouTube is the primary source of income for most YouTubers. The enormous Linus Tech Tips net worth places the YouTuber in the ranks of the wealthiest YouTubers.

It is unknown what each member’s salary is, but it is clear that the total sum is distributed among all of them. The LinusTechTips channel was launched in November of 2008.

The Google Preferred programme enables corporations with substantial pockets to place advertisements on the 5% most popular content. The advertising charges here are above average.

YouTubers also gain additional revenue through YouTube Red subscribers who pay a monthly subscription to see premium content on YouTube and watch videos without advertisements. Here, they get compensated depending on the viewing time of their films. The longer people see their videos, the more revenue they generate.

People keep wondering:

How much does Linus get for his tech tips?

A channel funded with advertisements generates revenue for every one thousand video views. Monetized YouTube channels may earn between $3 and $7 per 1,000 video views.

Marketing their own items, taking sponsorships, and earning affiliate commissions all contribute to their income.

Other Ventures

The podcast hosted by Linus Sebastian and Luke Lafreniere is known as The Wan Show. Since 2013, the pair has presented the programme. The programme discusses the latest tech-related news and developments. It is accessible on the majority of podcast streaming services.

Currently, Sebastian is the CEO of Linus Media Group, while his wife, Yvonne Ho, is the CFO. Nick Light is the chief operating officer.

Linus Sebastian and Linus Media Group oversee the majority of the controlled channels. Linus Cat Tips and They’re Just Movies concentrate on the realms of technology and electronics.

Linus Cat Tips offers home-video-style footage of Linus Sebastian’s cats.

Previously known as Carpool Critics, They’re Just Movies has recently been rebranded.

In the videos, a small group of LMG workers view movies together and then debate them.

Additionally, the Linus Media Group presented the LTX exhibition. The LTX Expo was designed to be a gathering for makers of technologically-based entertainment.

Linus tech Tips Net Worth - Age, Income, Wife, YouTube Income

Linus Sebastian controls a number of channels developed by the Linus Media Group, which include:

Linus Tech Tips

Techquickie Channel Super Fun
Linus Cat Advice
LMG Clips Have a Short-Circuit
They Are Only Films Mac Address

Independent Ventures

The successful technology YouTuber made an excellent decision by leaving NCIX.
Finally working full-time on his own YouTube channel, Linus educated his audience about technology. In 2013, the YouTube celebrity and social media personality formed the Linus Media Group with two business partners. Under Linus Media Group, Sebastian established a multitude of more channels.

The YouTuber also operates the popular tech channels ShortCircuit, Techiquickie, and TechLinked. With channels like They’re Just Movies and Channel Super Fun, his firm moved into new markets. LTX Expo is an annual event produced by Linus Media Group for IT influencers.

In addition to YouTube, Linus acquired the streaming platform Floatplane Media. As a result of his YouTube career, the YouTuber has amassed a devoted fan following that often contributes to conversations on his forum,

Linus Tech Tips generates between $1 and $3.4 million each year in advertising income. Annual revenues for Techiquickie, TechLinked, and ShortCircuit range between $300,000 and $367,000.

Additionally, the YouTuber makes additional cash from Linus Media Group’s other channels, such as sponsorships and affiliate arrangements. Additionally, the YouTuber sells merchandise, which accounts for around 15% of his revenue or approximately $2.8 million. From Floatplane, he has earned $1,14,000,000.

Biotech advice from Linus

Linus Sebastian, the primary contributor to the YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips, has made the majority of this money from ad income, video sponsors, affiliate marketing, and merchandise sales. The Linus Media Group administers his company.

Canadian YouTuber Linus Sebastian focuses on technology-related videos. He offers instructional videos on how to assemble a computer, as well as reviews and technical advice.

The highest-earning YouTube personality still actively maintains four YouTube channels (and appears in others): Linus Tech Tips (LTT), Techquickie, TechLinked, and ShortCircuit.

Sebastian’s primary channel, Linus Tech Tips, was his first YouTube channel; he began YouTube in 2008 with Linus Tech Tips (LTT).

Linus Tech Tips, one of the most popular tech YouTubers on the site, has developed his channel as one of the most popular tech channels on YouTube.

Linus Sebastian established and controls Linus Media Group, a company that assists with YouTube channel management.

Other features

Founded on November 25, 2008

Number of subscribers: 12.9 million

Views – 4,500,619,895 views

First Name – Linus

The surname Sebastian

Birthday and Astrological Sign – Leo

Vancouver, Canada, is the birthplace

Continent – Canada

Early life and Profession

Linus Gabriel Sebastian, who was born on August 20, 1986, is an acknowledged specialist in the area of technology and a Canadian YouTube personality, presenter, and producer.

Sebastian, who was born in Surrey, British Columbia, on August 20, 1986, has attracted a large number of watchers. His true name is Linus Gabriel Sebastian, and he was reared as one of four children.

Linus Tech Tips’s education history reveals that he attended Maple Ridge, Canada’s Garibaldi Secondary School for his secondary schooling and the University of British Columbia for his graduate studies.

During his time in college, Linus discovered the passion that ignited his career. The Canadian-born college student has been interested with technology from his first year.

The channel’s specialists attempt to educate viewers with engaging video content. The most valuable aspect of their job is the selection of age-appropriate videos. The viewer receives product evaluations, a range of tech-focused project-based information, and computer construction tutorials with these videos.

As a product manager for the now-defunct Canadian online computer company NCIX, Sebastian had to assist with product demonstrations. With the assistance of an unnamed cinematographer and editor, he began filming footage for streaming on the Sunbeam processor heatsink. Sebastian built the Linus Tech Tips channel with lesser manufacturing standards in mind, without affecting the NCIX brand.

However, Linus Gabriel Sebastian did not accept the notion of making videos full-time at NCIX for this mission. In his early years, he had full-time positions as a sales representative, systems designer, product manager, and category manager.

Explore the YouTube career

Linus Gabriel Sebastian, the highest-earning YouTuber and founder of Linus Media Group (LMG), has served as CEO of the firm since 2013. Creating and hosting technology-based YouTube channels has established him as a leader in the world of technology. He is the host of the following channels: Linus Tech Tips, Techquickie, TechLinked, and ShortCircuit. These four networks have almost 19 million combined subscribers. From 2007 until 2015, he was also a frequent presenter of technology videos.

Additionally, he was a part of the failed Canadian computer shop NCIX. Sebastian was ranked fourth on a list of the “Top 30 Power Players in Technology.” However, he has shown his ownership of Floatplane Media.

Linus Technical Tips contact information

Fans are eager to learn more about the Linus Tech Tips contact information, particularly the Linus Tech Tips phone number. Therefore, we are making every effort to contact the prominent YouTuber.

Personal sphere

On May 20, 2011, Sebastian, one of the highest-paid YouTubers, wed Yvonne Ho. In addition, he has a son and two daughters. TotalBiscuit, Marques Brownlee, and Austin Evans are his favourite YouTube personalities. He has also said that he is considering retirement.

Linus Sebastian wed the Hong Kong beauty Yvonne Ho in 2011. They presently live in Surrey, British Columbia, Sebastian’s hometown. Linus initially claimed that he would retire from content development, but then recanted his statement.


Linus Sebastian wed his fiancée Yvonne Ho, and the couple then split the wedding voes. On May 20, 2011, they celebrated their wedding with close friends and family. They ultimately formed a love connection and now have a son and two daughters.


According to a study conducted in September 2020, Linus Tech Tips by Linus Gabriel Sebastian is the most popular technology channel. In 2014, the channel also achieved “top 1% of Google’s recommended advertising channels” status.

Wish Granting Organization

Linus Sebastian spoke about a youngster with stage four Leukemia through a live feed. The child requested that the Make-A-Wish Foundation provide him a customised video from Linus. There, Linus discussed his feelings over the whole event. In addition, he conveyed his feelings, noting how terrible the whole situation was. Linus said, “This child is twelve, and he has Leukemia; the last thing I could do right now is be optimistic.”

In addition, the circumstances were such that the child want to see Linus Media Group, but his condition got so terrible that he was unable to leave the hospital. A few weeks previous to the live webcast, Linus Sebastian got an email from the son’s father including a digital picture album of his son in his last years.

The previous section was entirely devoted to the computer they constructed for him, with Linus providing the specs and shipping over the components. The boy’s father praised Linus for making his son’s last years meaningful.


How much do workers at Linus Tech Tips make?
The channel makes $25,000 every day, which is distributed among the staff.

Who is the wife of Linus Sebastian?
Yvonne Ho is the prominent YouTuber’s wife.

How much does Linus earn per annum?
His annual projected income is $9 million.

What goods does Linus Tech Tips sell?
Linus Tech Tips Store offers apparel, goods, screwdrivers, and a variety of other items.

What is the Linus Tech Tips server for Minecraft?
LinusTechTips Minecraft Network is intended for experienced Minecraft players. The realm will provide a vanilla experience devoid of “intrusive” frills.

What is the net worth of Linus Tech Tips?
Linus tech tips Net Worth is between $120 Million and $150 Million (Approx.).

Where did Linus Tech Tips go?
Linus confirmed he would not be retiring.

What is Linus Tech Tips’ function?
Since 2002, the flagship channel Linus Tech Tips has provided over 10 million users with their daily technology fix. LTT’s coverage ranges from computer processors to nuclear fusion reactors, and the publication will continue to emphasise developing, interesting technology.

What became to Luke Linus’s Tech Tips?
Luke Linus Tech Tips has “left” LMG and is now in charge of FloatPlane. Mostly for legal and administrative reasons, they are separating the two firms. He continues to work at the LMG building. That FloatPlane rents a portion of the aircraft.

What research did Linus Tech Tips conduct?
Linus Sebastian dropped out of college and lacks a degree. However, he is one of the most well-known and skilled individuals in the world of computers. His expertise of computers, gaming, old technology, benchmarks, etc. is continually updated.

What is Linus Tech Tips’ educational level?
Most likely, he did not declare a major. Linus Tech Tips failed math twice because he played too much Call of Duty, then dropped out of humanities courses because he considered them too easy, pointless, or whatever. According to this episode, @LinusTech never declared a major.

What became of Tyler from the Linus Tech Tips?
Tyler diligently worked behind the scenes and created delight, but he was also a lovely friend with a golden heart.

What laptop is used by Linus Tech Tips?
Alex employs a Surface Laptop 3

What games does Linus Tech Tips participate in?
Linus Tech Tips enjoys playing Grand Theft Auto 5, Tomb Raider, Warzone, and Doom.

When did Linus Tech Tips start?
Linus Tech Tips was established on 24 November 2008.

Where can I get Linus Tech Tips?
Linus Media Group is a Canadian corporation headquartered in Surrey, British Columbia.

Where is the office of Linus Tech Tips?
The office of Linus Tech Tips is located in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. Independently, the group launched the Linus Tech Tips channel. Between 2017 and 2019, LMG presented the LTX Expo, an annual “conference showcasing tech-focused content makers and celebrities.” The LMG main office is located in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

Where are Linus Tech Tips published?
Linus Tech Tips originates in Ladner, British Columbia.

Where is the Linus Tech Tips character Luke?
Linus Tech Tips is now focusing on Floatplane.

Where is Linus’s residence?
The residence of Linus Tech Tips is in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

Where is Tech Tips by Anthony Linus?
Newfoundlander Anthony is the Writer and Benchmarker at Linus Media Group.

Why did Luke stop working at Linus Tech Tips?
He must formally “leave” LMG and relocate to Floatplane for legal reasons.

Why is Linus’s blog so popular?
The rate and quality of his video production has allowed him to gradually assemble a crew to generate these videos.

Why does Linus Tech Tips plan to retire?
Linus talked for about a half-hour about his waning enthusiasm for his job and his desire to spend more time with his family in the article titled “I’ve been contemplating retirement.”

Who is Linus Technical Help?
Linus Gabriel Sebastian is a YouTube celebrity from Canada. The YouTuber is the founder and presenter of the Linus Tech Tips channel (LTT). He is also the founder and CEO of Linus Media Group, a position he has held since 2013.

Who is the wife of Linus Tech Tips?
Sebastian and Yvonne Ho have been married since May 20, 2011.

Who has abandoned Linus Tech Tips?
Madison has resigned from LMG/LTT officially.

Who owns the Linus Tech Tips website?
Linus Gabriel Sebastian is a YouTube celebrity from Canada. Linus Tech Tips is the founder and host of Linus Tech Tips on YouTube (LTT). He is also the founder and CEO of Linus Media Group, a position he has held since 2013.

What is Linus Tech Tips’ age?
Linus Tech Tips has 36 years of age.

What is the value of Linus Tech Tips?
Linus Tech Tips is valued at around $120 Million.

How much do workers at Linus Tech Tips earn?
The average annual income of a video editor in the United States is $60,000 per year.

How much does it cost to sponsor Linus Tech Tips?
The cost ranges from $5,000 to $15,000 each video.

Canadian Linus Tech Tips?
Linus Gabriel Sebastian is a YouTube celebrity from Canada.

Linus Tech Tips is he wed?
Sebastian and Yvonne Ho have been married since May 20, 2011.

Is Linus Tech Tips an Nvidia property?
Nvidia has acquired Linus Media Group.

Is Linus Tech Tips an organisation?
Linus Tech Tips is the founder and host of Linus Tech Tips on YouTube (LTT). He is also the founder and CEO of Linus Media Group, a position he has held since 2013.

Are Linus Tech Tips wealthy?
Yes, he has enough wealth. Linus tech tips is worth around $120 Million.

Is Linus Tech Tips an IT professional?
Linus Tech Tips has worked in the personal computer market for many years, first as a salesperson at a computer shop and then as a presenter on his many social media and YouTube channels. He is not an IT engineer.

Last words

Linus Tech Tips, authored by Linus Gabriel Sebastian, is an independent endeavour. In addition, the channel sponsors a “conference involving tech-focused content makers and celebrities” as a means of enhancing its quality. Hopefully, you have a complete understanding of Linus tech tips’s Net Worth. Additionally, fresh films are being uploaded to the channel to make it one of the greatest in the technical sector.

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