2021 land Records: khatian Plot Map Check 2021 land Records: khatian Plot Map Check

Check WB land records online at in 2021. Online plot map of Khatiyan. RoR, citizen registration, and property information in West Bengal. Where you may look up land records and apply for a variety of records and papers online. In the state of West Bengal. It’s time for a fresh update. WB’s Background Check the 2021 Khatian Plot Map. The land records site has been relaunched. This website was created by West Bengal’s Ministry of Land Records. This needs to be advantageous to the state’s average citizen. They may readily get information on their own land. 2021

For the land record, several information have been utilized. Prior to the launch of this Land record portal, the public had to visit a government agency to get information. And it was a long process. in addition to being time-consuming As a result, we’re writing this article today. For the purpose of giving information about the online gateway for West Bengal Land Record Plot Map. You may simply get relevant information on the area of your property using this method. We also provide information about the process, its advantages, and how to verify land records with you.
The Ministry of Land has recently undergone restructuring and now has a website. All residents of West Bengal State who own property, a home, a piece of land, or anything else may check it out on the internet. They may also look at the land mutation paperwork. They may also print the relevant paperwork from the internet if necessary.

Plot Information for Banglarbhumi Khatiyan

Mr. Narendra Modi, as our Prime Minister, is working to make India, like other nations, a digital country. This will be beneficial to the people of our country’s development. Every state is currently working on this new age of the internet. And, to that end, they are attempting to make every facility plan process available online through web portals. West Bengal State Government, like other governments, has made information about different government projects accessible online. Online WB Land Records-

Detailed information about plots and Khaitan is available online via this site.
As a result, the process of selling or buying a home has gotten much easier.

The system’s openness has improved because to the use of online land record maintenance.
An entrepreneur who intends to establish a company in the state of West Bengal. And they’re searching for infrastructural availability on the web. You can look it up on the Banglarbhumi site.
If you wish to learn more about any land or property. Then you’ve come to the correct place.
Prior to the gateway. For land records, citizens must travel to government agencies. However, they may now use internet services.
It is also a money-saving and time-saving gateway for users.

WB Land Records are available online.

If a person of West Bengal wishes to view a service or document, they must go to the West Bengal State Archives. Which belongs to the land, the Khatian, or the plots. Then they may simply verify it using the internet method. As of yet, the Covid19 pandemic has not been resolved. As a result, it is preferable for individuals to avoid going outdoors as much as possible. Similarly, you are not need to travel to government authorities to examine documents pertaining to your region. You may access it using your phone or computer. It has also saved you time.

List of services provided by the Banglarbhumi Portal

Land records and maps are being digitized.

Online Deed Registration

Citizens-Focused Services

Apply for Mutation Online

Records preparation, updating, and maintenance.

ISU administration

Land records certified copy

The Land Distribution

Application for a WB Record of Land (ROR)

Tenancy in Thika

30 Day Notice of Mutation

Preparation (LMTC & ARTI)

Request for a Mauja Map/ Availability

Controller of Rentals

Online Status of Khatians

Board of State Land Use

Delimitation of the Indo-Bangladesh Border

Registration for the Banglarbhumi Portal

Citizens should first go to the Banglarbhumi portal’s main website.

Then, in front of you, a new page called Homepage appeared.

Now choose the Signup Option from the drop-down menu.

The updated Registration form is now available.

Now fill in the blanks with the following information.

Name, address, father’s and mother’s names, phone numbers, municipalities, districts, email addresses, and so forth.

Now type in the password you’d want to use.

Enter the Captcha Code/Security Code.

An OTP has been created. It was sent to the phone number you provided when you signed up.

Fill in the OTP field and submit the application.

You are, as you can see, a registered user on this site.

If this is your first visit to the portal. As a first-time user. To get more information, you must first register. Only then will you be able to examine all of the details. Alternatively, you may have requested a service through this site. Please provide a valid mobile phone number. Because it’s been utilized as a means of verification and. In addition, the department gave you information about your request.

Login to

To begin, you must first visit the portal’s official website.

Go to Citizen Services/Sign-in on the homepage. Now that you’ve clicked on it, a new page will appear on your screen.

Choose the Citizen option from the drop-down menu.

Fill in the username and password you created when you signed up.

Fill in the Captcha code in the appropriate box.

Now press the Login button.

You’ve now successfully signed in as a citizen on the portal.

You have already registered on the online site as a citizen. You may now obtain information on land, plots, and other things. Simply follow the on-screen prompts to log in.

How can I apply for a ROR application for Banglarbhumi Land?

The applicant must first register on Banglarbhumi’s official website.

On your system’s screen, the home page has shown.

Now enter your user name and password to log in.

One one-time password (OTP) is created and delivered to your registered cellphone number.

Enter your password and click the Login button.

Now choose Land ROR Application from the Application option on the newly displayed page.

You must fill out the requested information. Finally, press the submit button.

You will now be given a single application reference number. It is a receipt slip for you.

After then, the information were verified.

Finally, the concerned department has given the ROR Certificate.

Other information is also available to applicants. Simply go to the Banglarbhumi website and follow the instructions. The applicant may also check the status of the application he registered for using the application reference id.

Official portalClick here

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