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tag Assitstant Chrome Addons- On your blog or website, do you make use of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, or AdWords Remarketing? If so, do you use any or all of these? Even if you are not making use of all of them at the moment, I strongly suggest that you begin doing so. When I first began using Google tag manager, it had been two years since I had been using it to manage all of the tags for every site that was part of my blog network.

Today, I was working on integrating Google Adwords remarketing tags, and I wanted a means to check whether or not I had successfully implemented all of the tags in the right manner. This is when the Adwords support page sent me to the Tag helper chrome extension, which is something that I feel is helpful for all digital marketers and bloggers.

This is a handy extension for Google Chrome that may assist you with the following:

Installation of Google Analytics requires troubleshooting.
Installation of the Google Tag Manager should be troubleshooted.
Check that your website or any other pages on the internet has the correct installation of the relevant Google tags.
Displays all of the tags that are currently present on a site.
Identifies any errors and the root cause of such errors ( very useful for debugging)

I have included a video below that will walk you through the operation of this Chrome add-on, and I strongly advise you to view it before you install this Chrome add-on.

The tag assistance Chrome extension is available for download from this location. In addition to this, you need also deploy Google tag manager on your blog if you haven’t already done so if you haven’t already. Use Google tag manager rather than a separate plugin or manually inserting Google analytics and Facebook remarketing tags on your site. This will allow you to manage everything from a single location rather than having to switch between several plugins. In order to provide you with assistance in getting started with this, I have written a comprehensive tutorial and suggested several free WordPress plugins:

This article will walk you through the basics of configuring Google Tag Manager (With screenshots)
After you have finished installing Google Tag Manager (also known as GTM), which typically takes around 5 minutes, you should watch the video that is provided below to understand how to add the Facebook Remarketing Pixel to your website using GTM. This movie was made for anybody with basic or intermediate level abilities, so don’t worry if it’s something you’re completely unfamiliar with.

Things that need to be done today:
Install and configure Google Tag Manager on your website or blog.
Set up Google Analytics with the help of the Google tag manager.
You may use Google Tag Manager to add the pixel code to your blog once you have created the Facebook pixel.
I’m aware that you have a few more things to accomplish than usual today, but once you get started, you’ll find that everything is much simpler than you anticipated. In spite of this, integrating Facebook pixel into your digital marketing strategy now can help you improve your performance in the next days. If you use the Chrome web browser, here are a few additional add-ons that you may find interesting to experiment with:

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