Los Dos Carnales Net Worth- Income, Salary and Earnings


Los Dos Carnales Net Worth- Income, Salary and Earnings

The well-known musical band Los Dos Carnales has collaborated with Netflix to release a new corrido titled “Misma Sangre.” This corrido can be found on Netflix. Los Dos Carnales, the most successful duo from Mexico’s regional music scene, took home the Latin Grammy in 2021 for best Norteo album.According to projections made for the year 2024, the Los Dos Carnales Net Worth is approximately $3 million.

Los Dos Carnales Net Worth- Income, Salary and Earnings
Los Dos Carnales Net Worth- Income, Salary and Earnings

Discover additional information regarding the earnings, income, salary, career, and other aspects of Los Dos Carnales.

Los Dos Carnales Net Worth- Income, Salary and Earnings
Los Dos Carnales real name/ Los Dos Carnales membersAlfonso “Poncho” (singer and bajo quinto guitarist) Imanol Quezada (accordionist and harmony singer) Bassist Armando Hernández (bassist) Kevin Montemayor.(Drummer)
Los Dos Carnales Net Worth$3 million
BirthplaceCoahuila, Mexico
Los Dos Carnales ageAlfonso “Poncho”- 29 years Imanol Quezada- 23 years
OccupationMexican musical band 
GenreRegional Mexican

Earnings, revenue, and salaries earned by Los Dos Carnales

Earnings of around $30,000 per month may be expected from Los Dos Carnales top-earning musical performers due to the combination of their musical careers and advertising on YouTube. Having stated that, the annual profits for Los Dos Carnales are around $360,000.

How much does Los Dos Carnales earn?

In this respect, we are able to declare that a channel that makes money via advertisements generates income for every one thousand times that a video is seen.

YouTube channels earn anything from $3 to $7 for every one thousand views on a single video, on average. YouTubers may also have sponsors, and if they promote those sponsors’ items, they can make additional money. Speaking engagements, as well as sponsorships, provide additional revenue as well.

Los Dos Carnales wife

The specifics of the Los Dos Carnales couple’s relationship, as well as information on Los Dos Carnales’s girlfriend, are still unknown. However, our staff is currently working to get further information. Los Dos Carnales Net Worth

Los Dos Carnales family

Imanol Quezada and his brother Poncho Quezada come from a distinguished family. The parents of the Los Dos Carnales children gave birth to a total of four children. Neely Quezada, a sister for Los Dos Carnales, is the youngest of her four brothers and sisters. Los Dos Carnales Net Worth

YouTube details

Channel name: Los Dos Carnales
Date of enrollment: February 7, 2020
1.70 million and more users are subscribed.

Popular Songs

The following is a list of some of the most popular songs that have been released by highly paid regional Mexican musical artists:

Cabrón y Vago Puerta Abierta,

Vol. 1 · 2020

El Envidioso

Al Estilo Rancherón · 2020

Me Vale Madre

Tragedias de Mi Pueblo (Con Banda) · 2021

Los Dos Carnales Net Worth- Income, Salary and Earnings
Los Dos Carnales Net Worth- Income, Salary and Earnings

Los Dos Carnales Biography and Career

brothers Imanol and Poncho Quezada from Los Dos Carnales, the high paid musical pair, feel very happy and grateful to the Netflix family for having invited them to start the ‘Oi Nomás’ project with them. Imanol and Poncho Quezada are from Los Dos Carnales, which can be found on Netflix. In the midst of the music of the corrido, they had been giving it their all in an effort to forever immortalize characters from their series La Casa de Papel. The well-known music-focused YouTube channel Los Dos Carnales was established in the year 2020 and has its headquarters in the United States of America.

Alfonso “Poncho,” a vocalist and bajo quinto guitarist, is a member of the Mexican musical ensemble Los Dos Carnales. Imanol Quezada, an accordionist and harmony singer, is also a member of the band. The main performers are also accompanied by a bassist named Armando Hernández and a drummer named Kevin Montemayor.

Songs like “He flipped the coin,” “El corrido de El Fantasma,” and “El himself” have contributed significantly to the band’s rise to prominence as a successful musical act. Songs that provide a clear traditional perspective on corridos, bandas, and romanticos are composed by the artists from San Pedro in the state of Coahuila, which is located in the north-eastern part of Mexico.

Te Lo Dije, the artist’s self-released studio debut, earned well-wishers all around Mexico. Los Dos Carnales, who are today among the most successful musicians in the world, began their careers at an early age. At one time in their careers, they used to put on clown acts while playing their music.

Poncho and Imanol Quezada started their career as Los Dos Carnales as a pair and have continued to hone their craft in order to increase their collective net worth. Since they were both musically inclined from a young age due to their shared early love in music, they have both been playing instruments since they were youngsters. Los Dos Carnales Net Worth

The Wikipedia page for Los Dos Carnales is not yet accessible; nonetheless, current information suggests that Los Dos Carnales, a country music group consisting of four musical performers, is responsible for a number of songs that are cherished by their audience. The year 2018 saw the release of Los Dos Carnales’ first live CD, which paved the way for the band to garner widespread acclaim on the scene. The band achieved massive success by releasing a number of songs, such as El Silencio de Durango, Vida advantageous, Tristes Christmases, and Black bows. These tracks contributed to the band’s rise to prominence. Los Dos Carnales Net Worth

In early 2020 reports, it is said that they also traveled across Mexico and the Southwestern United States.

Imanol and Poncho Quezada, two of the most prominent members of the well-known Mexican musical trio, have an age gap of six years between the two of them. Poncho is older than Imanol, who is just 23 years old, while he is now 29 years old.

Imanol and Poncho Quezada, who are brothers, are establishing a successful music career in Mexico, the United States of America, and other Latin American nations. This has allowed them to connect with a large number of people. By doing so, they are contributing to the maintenance of the traditional norteo music’s position at the forefront.

The brothers have been able to get closer to realizing their ambition by doing online concerts and playing in a variety of homes thanks to the success of songs such as “El enviioso” and “Al Estilo rancherón.” They have begun to demonstrate a high level of originality within the genre.

They never forget to give the classics the place of importance in their sound, but at the same time, they are incorporating new topics and styles into their music, such as songs that express criticism or jealously or that pay respect to individuals who live in rural areas. They also target Mexicans who have made the United States their permanent home yet yearn for the place they left behind. Los Dos Carnales Net Worth

The YouTubers went on a journey around the whole of Mexico. They have also mentioned that despite the cancellation of performances and the desire they have to return to the stage, they have managed to keep current with a few of online concerts. This is in contrast to the fact that most of their shows have been canceled. Los Dos Carnales Net Worth

Their introduction into the world of music has not been a simple one. Imanol picked up new skills very quickly, and together they worked in canteens and other places that allowed him to gain experience and helped them make a name for themselves. Poncho gave his enthusiastic approval while expressing gratitude to those who had listened attentively. He agreed to follow the path that was selected. They have built up an enormous Los Dos Carnales Net Worth over the course of their careers, which places them in the category of the most successful YouTubers’ net worth.

Los Dos Carnales Net Worth- Income, Salary and Earnings


Where in the Valley Are Los Dos Carnales Located?
The brothers are originally from the Mexican state of Coahuila.

How Many Years Does Poncho From Los Dos Carnales Have Under His Belt?
Poncho, who hails from Los Dos Carnales, is now 29 years old.

How much money does Los Dos Carnales make off of each concert they play?
A ticket to a live event typically costs something in the region of $32 to purchase. Typically, ticket prices for Los Dos Carnales events are subject to change. Tickets to an event in Los Angeles, California, start at around $59, while seats in the Toyota Arena in Ontario, California, may start in the neighborhood of $90. Both arenas are located in the state of California.

Where Are Los Dos Carnales From In Mexico?
Los Dos Carnales are From Coahuila, Mexico.

Could you please tell me the names of the two carnales?
The band has a total of four members: Alfonso “Poncho,” who sings and plays the bajo quinto guitar; Imanol Quezada, who is an accordionist and harmony vocalist; Kevin Montemayor, who is a bassist; and Bassist Armando Hernández, who is a bassist (Drummer).

Where in the world do Los Dos Carnales call home?
Poncho Jr. and Imanol Quezada are brothers who now live in the Mexican state of Coahuila.

What does it mean to be Los Dos Carnales?
A corrido that was composed by Imanol, it also serves as a wonderful song about their origins when they were just starting out.

Who Added Their Names to Los Dos Carnales?
The record label for Los Dos Carnales is called AfinArte Music.

Who Made Los Dos Carnales?
Los Dos Carnales is a band that originates from San Pedro in the state of Coahuila in the north-eastern part of Mexico. Alfonso “Poncho,” a vocalist and bajo quinto guitarist, and Imanol Quezada, an accordionist and harmony singer, are the band’s leaders. They were soon joined by drummer Kevin Montemayor as well as bassist Armando Hernandez.

What song did Los Dos Carnales first become known for?
The well-known song “El Envidioso” was written and performed by Los Dos Carnales.

Which Musical Genre Best Describes Los Dos Carnales?
Los Dos Carnales genre is Regional Mexican.

Is There Really a Brotherhood Between the Dos Carnales?
The brothers Jorge and Sergio Navarro, together with their cousin Ricardo Ricky Navarro, are the musicians behind the Mexican-American band Los Dos Carnales, which is based in San Diego.

How Many Years Has Los Dos Carnales Been Around?
Imanol Quezada is just 23 years old whereas Alfonso “Poncho” has already reached the age of 29.

Is El Fantasma Related To Los Dos Carnales?
El Fantasma is another musical band, also hailing from Mexico’s San José de Caas, although they are distinct from Los Dos Carnales in sound and style.

What is Alfonso Quezada Los Dos Carnales Age?
Poncho, whose full name is Alfonso, is 29 years old.

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Reservation At Los Dos Carnales?
The cheapest tickets for the concert can be purchased for $92.00 and will get you a seat at the far back of the auditorium. The price for premium tickets on the main floor, which are located close to the front of the stage, is $746.00.

What Is The Price Range For Hiring Los Dos Carnales?
The cost to sit at the rear of the vehicle is $92.00.

How can I make a reservation at Los Dos Carnales?
Make contact with a booking agent as soon as possible.

Which region of Mexico does the band Los Dos Carnales from from?
Los Dos Carnales are From Coahuila, Mexico.

What is the cost to make a reservation at Los Dos Carnales?
The Los Dos Carnales Booking Price is between 32 and 34 dollars. The beginning price range for tickets to see Los Dos Carnales in Los Angeles, California, is often approximately $59.

Who exactly are the members of Los Dos Carnales?
Imanol Quezada (accordionist and harmony vocalist), Alfonso “Poncho” (singer and bajo quinto guitarist), Kevin Montemayor (bassist), and Armando Hernández (bassist) make up the four members of Los Dos Carnales. Poncho is the lead singer of the band (Drummer).

Who exactly is the wife of Los Dos Carnales?
Los Dos Carnales Wife name is not provided.

Are Los Dos Carnales Married?
There is currently no information available on the specifics of their marital status.

Are Los Dos Carnales Related?
Poncho Jr. and Imanol Quezada, who are brothers, have been performing for more than a decade already. They have played in buses and markets as well as at local gatherings in their home state of Coahuila, Mexico. They’ve made it big in the music industry at this point.

Are Los Dos Carnales Related in Any Way?
There is sibling relationship between Poncho Jr. and Imanol Quezada.

The last words

As a result of the regional Mexican musical artists’ intense concentration on their own professions, Los Dos Carnales’ net worth has been progressively growing over the last several years. Leave a comment below with your thoughts on the musicians and share what you think of them. Additionally, keep an eye out for additional developments.

Los Dos Carnales Net Worth- Income, Salary and Earnings


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