Mark Rober Net Worth – Age, Height, Income, and Wife

Mark rober Net Worth

Mark Rober, an outstanding YouTube personality, engineer, and inventor from the United States, is garnering widespread attention. Mark Rober’s net worth is roughly $20 million. He is a very popular actor among his admirers.

Mark Rober Net Worth - Age, Height, Income, and Wife

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Real nameMark Braxton Roger
Mark Rober Net Worth$20 million
Height6′ 0″
BirthplaceOrange County, CA
Birth date11 Mar 1980
OccupationYouTube personality, engineer, and inventor

Mark rober Income of Youtube

Mark Rober’s monthly earnings are around $660,000. Consequently, Mark Rober earns around $8 million every year.

The YouTube channel has nearly 20 million subscribers. Additionally, roughly 8,000 new subscribers are added each day, resulting in daily expansion. The channel has received more than 2,6 billion views to far. A daily average of 2.8 million views generates an estimated daily income of $22,000.

People keep wondering:

How much does Mark rober earn?

A channel funded with advertisements generates revenue for every one thousand video views. Monetized YouTube channels may earn between $3 and $7 for every 1,000 video views.

Marketing their own items, taking sponsorships, and earning affiliate commissions all contribute to the total income.

Google Preferred is a service that enables wealthy businesses to place advertisements on the top 5% of the most popular content. The advertising charges are above average.

YouTube Red subscribers who pay a monthly subscription to see premium content on YouTube and watch videos without adverts create more revenue for YouTubers.

Mark Rober is compensated depending on the viewing time of their films. The longer people see their videos, the more revenue they generate.

Additional sources of income

Mark earns supplemental cash from his engineering work. He has a great deal of success from selling products on his website. Dealing with Disney has given him the ability to work with enhanced costumes. These clothes are inspired by Marvel Comics’ superheroes. He is also focused on Facebook, which is the largest income generator.

The firm that Mark Rober established generated $250,000 in income. At addition, he has applied for suits in retail stores, particularly Party City, up to 2012. He followed this strategy for three weeks of business. He appeared on CNN, CBS News, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Today, Fox, Yahoo!, Discovery Channel, and Good Morning America.

Mark Rober Net Worth - Age, Height, Income, and Wife

Later, he began collaborating with American Horror Story’s Macaulay Culkin. He opted for the follow-up that includes an evaluation of contractions. He decided to include themes in articles on men’s health. In addition, TEDx continued to showcase them in 2015, along with Super Mario.

Additionally, his films become popular on Facebook, which increases his earnings. He got a deal with Disney to create Marvel Comics-inspired augmented reality outfits.

Mark Rober Wife

Mark Rober is likely married to Lisa Rober, with whom he has a kid, according to his rumoured girlfriends.

Mark Rober’s relatives and private life

He is married to Lisa Rober, and they have a kid together. As his kid suffers from the same ailment, he is a prominent champion for Autism awareness. Rober dwells with his wife and kid in Sunnyvale, California.

Estimates also indicate that in August 2020, when shooting sharks in the Bahamas for a video, Rober would disclose that he tested positive for COVID-19, delaying the completion of his video.


Mark Rober’s YouTube channel is titled “Mark Rober’s YouTube Channel.”
Joined on Oct. 20, 2011
Count of subscribers — 21 million


Mark Rober, a YouTuber, inventor, and engineer, is most known for his DIY and popular science-focused YouTube videos. Before he became a social media celebrity, he spent nine years as an engineer at NASA, during which time he contributed to the creation of the Mars Curiosity rover. Rober spent four years as a product designer for Apple’s Special Projects Group.

Mark Rober, one of the most prominent science-related YouTubers, obtained the majority of this income via his YouTube channel, with advertisements appearing on his videos, as well as from his prior employment as a NASA engineer and other commercial enterprises.

Childhood and Education

Mark Rober, who was born on 11 March 1980 in Orange County, California, had an early interest in engineering and polished his talents through curiosity and diligence. Initially, he designed a pair of goggles that avoided the accumulation of tears while chopping onions. Rober then decided to pursue an advanced degree, enrolling at Brigham Young University as a mechanical engineering major. And afterwards, he earned his master’s degree at the University of California.


Born in Orange County, California, Mark Rober attended Brigham Young University. During his time in college, he majored in mechanical engineering. After completing his Master’s degree at the University of Southern California, he spent nine years working for NASA. He eventually ceased working for NASA and began working for Morphsuits. He continued to serve there as chief creative officer for two years. The engineering course introduced him to the notion of ideation-based work. Then he began working for a technology business in the San Francisco area.

The wealthy and renowned YouTuber’s videos include themes such as popular science and do-it-yourself devices. Over the years, the videos have gone viral and achieved enormous popularity among followers. He also has a film depicting a digital Halloween outfit with package thieves who continue to release glitter.

Before joining YouTube, the high-earning YouTuber, Mark Rober, was a NASA engineer. As part of his professional life, he worked on the Curiosity rover. The time was at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of the NASA. He had worked on the project for seven years. Additionally, the videos include April Fools’ Day hoaxes and stunts.

He was the first to create hardware for JPL missions. GRAIL, SMAP, AMT, and the Mars Science Laboratory are examples of some of his efforts. The promotion of the scientific films gives him sufficient notoriety. Such remarkable contributions to YouTube have won him a spot on the list of YouTube’s wealthiest individuals.

The highest-earning YouTuber has also launched an online Halloween costume business. It was dubbed Digital Dudz. A video depicting the “skinning” of a watermelon has received more than 100 million views.

The American YouTuber features scientific films, science experiments, pranks, DIY gadgets, and other inventive devices on his self-titled channel.


Where is Mark Rober’s residence?
Mark B. Rober is an American YouTuber, engineer, and inventor who is well-known for his DIY science and DIY gadget videos.

Where does Mark Rober now reside?
Mark Rober is a Sunnyvale, California, resident. Rober relocated to Sunnyvale, California, with his wife and kid in 2015.

Where does Mark Rober reside Sunnyvale?
Rober, who grew up in Orange County, California, received a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Brigham Young University and a Master’s degree from the University of Southern California. Mark Rober presently resides with his wife and children in the city of Sunnyvale, Santa Clara County.

What is Mark Rober’s annual salary?
The YouTube channel gets $22,000 every day. Consequently, Mark Rober earns around $8 million every year.

What is Mark Rober’s occupation?
Mark Rober is a well-known YouTuber who earns a substantial income from the platform. He also earns income as an inventor, television producer, and mechanical engineer.

Has Mark Rober a spouse?
Lisa Rober is likely Mark Rober’s wife.

Is Mark Rober affluent?
He is one of the most successful tech YouTubers in the nation, renowned for his original material. In addition to being an entrepreneur, he operates a successful online Halloween costume business.

Who is Mark Rober anyway?
Mark Rober, an outstanding YouTube personality, engineer, and inventor from the United States, is garnering widespread attention.

What is NASA’s Mark Rober?
In 2004, Rober joined the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). There, he worked for nine years.

What is Mark Roberts’ merchandise?
Mark Rober Official Retail Outlet provides genuine and brand-approved items and merchandise. CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES make the brand well-known.

What is Mark Rober’s net worth?
Mark Rober’s net worth is roughly $20 million. He is a very popular actor among his admirers.

What is Mark Rober’s yearly salary?
Mark Rober earns around $8 million each year.

Mark Rober: Is He a Millionaire?
Indeed he is. Mark Rober has an estimated net worth of $20 million.

What is Mark Rober’s spouse?
Mark Rober wife is Lisa Rober.

Why is Mark Rober so wealthy?
His professional path ultimately took him to YouTube, where he amassed a substantial following of engineering enthusiasts interested in its varied practical applications. Rober’s commitment to his YouTube channel earned him millions of dollars.

What does Mark Rober do for a living?
Mark Robers is a YouTuber, an inventor, a mechanical engineer, and a television producer.

What was Mark Rober’s NASA position?
Before YouTube, Rober was a NASA engineer for nine years, seven of which were spent working on the Curiosity rover at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Later, he spent four years at Apple Inc.

What information does Mark Robers’s Socialblade reveal?
The daily averages are +3,33,000 +962,734. $241 – $3.9K.

What is Mark Robers’s son’s name?
Mark Rober is likely married to Lisa Rober, with whom he has a kid, according to his rumoured girlfriends.

What is the net worth of Mark Rober?
According to the most recent data, Mark Rober’s net worth is approximately $20 million.

Which university did Mark Rober attend?
He attended the University of Southern California (2010–2014) and Brigham Young University, according to his education history.

What faith does Mark Rober follow?
The details are not available.

What type of music does Mark Rober play?
Mark Rober uses an unobtainable instrumental version of the song Arrow by Andrew Applepie in his videos.

What is the phone number for Mark Rober?
The phone number for Mark Rober is +1-408-378-XXX.

What’s Mark Rober’s e-mail address?
The email address for Mark Rober is [email protected].

What is Mark Rober most viewed video?
Rober published a video in December 2018 demonstrating how he deceived package thieves with an engineered contraption that sprayed glitter on the thieves, making them smell like a foul odor, and captured video of the thieves. The video received 25 million views in one day after going viral.

What is Mark Rober’s age?
Mark Rober has 41 years of age.

How much does Mark Rober make?
The YouTube channel has an estimated daily revenue of approximately $22,000. Consequently, Mark Rober earns around $8 million every year.

What is Mark Rober’s net worth?
Mark Rober has an estimated net worth of $20 million.

What height is Mark Rober?
Mark Rober is 6 feet tall.

What is Mark Rober’s wealth?
Mark Rober has a net worth of roughly $20 million, which is sufficient.

How can I get in touch with Mark Rober?
The phone number for Mark Rober is +1-408-378-XXX. The email address for Mark Rober is [email protected].

Has Mark Rober wed?
He is married to Lisa Rober, and they have a son together.

Is Mark Rober’s monthly class offered for free?
If you are wondering if Mark Rober’s class is free, it is recommended that you enrol in his 30-day course to become a creative engineer. One month of class costs $249.

Mark Rober: Is he a democrat?
The details are not available.

Last words

Mark Rober has amassed sufficient notoriety through his career as a well-known YouTube personality. The incredible net worth of Mark Rober has caught the attention of a number of other professionals in this field. Therefore, stay tuned for more updates.

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