Perkins Builder Brothers Net worth & Biography


Perkins Builder Brothers Net worth & Biography, wife, wiki, cars, earning, education 2024- Leon, Herman, and Gilbert Perkins – the founders of Perkins Builder Brothers, a construction empire now valued at over $1 billion. Born to poor farmers in Michigan, the brothers turned their small contracting business into an industry giant through faith, family, and embracing opportunities. This article explores their incredible journey.

Perkins Builder Brothers Early Life & Background

Perkins Builder Brothers Net worth

Leon, Herman, and Gilbert grew up in rural Michigan as three of nine children in their working-class family. Their parents stressed the importance of hard work, education, and devotion to faith. The brothers credit these values for inspiring their road to success.

After high school, Leon and Herman did odd contracting jobs before starting a home-building business. Gilbert earned a teaching degree, worked as an educator and coach, and later joined his brothers. They learned the trade on-site and earned licenses and credentials while completing local projects.

In 1983, the duo took out a small business loan to purchase their first truck, officially establishing Perkins Builder Brothers. Gilbert left teaching a few years later to join his brothers full-time.

Early Days of Perkins Builder Brothers

In the early days, the brothers worked long hours taking on any job that would pay the bills. Often working multiple gigs at once, they built the business from the ground up without shortcuts.

Their increasing contacts and work quality built up their reputation across Michigan. One key moment was in 1992 when contracted for a GM plant expansion – a milestone that elevated their commercial capabilities.

Over a decade, Perkins Builder Brothers grew methodically by reinvesting profits without relying on debt. The brothers say keeping finances conservative and flexible helped them tremendously – especially when crisis hit.

Perkins Builder Brothers Surviving & Thriving Through 2008 Recession

In 2008, as America plunged into recession, Perkins Builder Brothers faced their greatest test yet. Construction stalled as investments collapsed across the industry.

The brothers made sacrifices, focusing relentlessly on cash flow and capital optimization. They refused to sacrifice their company values or loyalty to workers despite extreme hardship. Their faith never wavered.

The perseverance and community trust built over 25 years paid off. Competitors crumbled under financial strains. By 2011, business came roaring back stronger than ever due to their reputation. It became the backbone of a decade of exponential growth.

Perkins Builder Brothers Today: By the Numbers

Today Perkins Builder Brothers boasts:

  • 7,000+ employees
  • Hundreds of millions in revenues
  • Operations across 5 U.S. states
  • $1 billion+ in managed projects

The company is fully integrated, involved in construction, engineering, architecture, real estate, and facilities management. But at its heart, the distinct family-oriented culture remains.

Current Leadership: Consistency Amidst Growth

Despite its size, Perkins Builder Brothers leadership retains its humble roots:

  • Leon Perkins remains Chairman of the Board
  • Herman Perkins serves as current CEO
  • Gilbert Perkins is Senior Vice President

Family and community remain the driving forces in strategic decisions rather than wealth chasing. New generations now work for the company, led by sons and nephews of the original trio.

What is the Brothers’ Net Worth?

Given Perkins Builder Brothers’ immense success, the founders enjoy substantial yet understated personal wealth. Reports estimate:

  • Leon Perkins Net Worth: $70 million
  • Herman Perkins Net Worth: $65 million
  • Gilbert Perkins Net Worth: $70 million

Their wealth stems from long-term company ownership rather than short-term salary maximization. They live relatively simple lives, drive older vehicles, and stay involved in their local community causes.

Perkins Builder Brothers Wikipedia

The Perkins Builder Brothers do not currently have a Wikipedia page, although their substantial success would merit one. Their company history and the founders’ biographies could be great additions documenting influential Michigan business figures.

Perkins Builder Brothers Sponsors

Giving Back: The Perkins Provide Generous Sponsorship

The brothers have historically been engaged sponsors supporting community initiatives across education, healthcare, youth programs, and faith-based organizations.

Perkins Builder Brothers YouTube

Perkins Builder Brothers Videos: See Them In Action

While not prolific YouTube users themselves, various news features and corporate videos document Perkins Brothers projects and interview the founders on their construction sites.

Perkins Builder Brothers Names

Leon, Herman, and Gilbert Perkins: The Famous Founding Brothers

The Perkins brother behind the original founding are the best known faces of the company. However, various sons and nephews have joined the business leadership as Perkins Builder Brothers has grown.

Perkins Builder Brothers Age

Seasoned Veterans: The Perkins Brothers’ Years of Experience

Now in their late 60s and early 70s, the Perkins brothers boast 40+ years each in the construction industry across hands-on building, management, business development, and strategic leadership roles.

Perkins Builder Brothers net worth

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Did the Brothers Start from Scratch?

In the early 1980s, the brothers performed smaller contracting jobs to build up hands-on experience and business relationships within the local community. They steadily obtained required licensing and gained qualifications to take on bigger projects, reinvesting to support gradual growth.

How do they Maintain a Strong Business Culture?

The brothers credit their upbringing and faith for their values of mentorship, community, and win-win relationships. Right from the early days, they invested time in training employees, boosting careers, and getting to know teammates beyond the workplace.

Who Oversees Day-to-Day Operations?

While still involved at a board level, the original Perkins brothers have delegated most management duties to the next generation, including their own sons, nephews, and long-tenured employees. However, cultural pillars remain unchanged.


The Perkins Builder Brothers represent the best of American entrepreneurship. For four decades, their company succeeded sustainably through recessions and booms alike. At every juncture, the faith, grit, sacrifice, and vision seeded in their youth carried them higher.

Today, their billion-dollar empire has become renowned for its excellence. But most importantly, the Perkins are still grounded by the simple, unchanging gospel and family values upon which that first truck was purchased back in 1983.


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