Points of Current Marketing scenario of global marketing

The current marketing scenario of global marketing is as follows:

1.Liberalisation of Cross-border Movements: From last ten years or so, countries have eased their cross-border barriers which they earlier imposed very strictly.

2.Transfer of Technology: Under international business, both commercial and non commercial technology gets transferred and distributed.

3. Growth in Emerging Markets: Countries like India, China, Brazil, etc. rging markets which has boosted the international business tremendously.

4. Trade in Agricultural and Manufactured Goods: The past two decades of international business increased significance of agricultural as well as manufactured products.

5. Cooperation among Countries: There are numerous ways in which nations build coordination cooperation, i.e. treaties, international organisations, etc..

6. Forced Dynamism: Foreign trade or international business is deeply impacted by socio-econo cultural and political factors.

7.Containerised Cargo: The different types of freight containers used in transportation modes Swap Bodies for road and rail transport, Unit Load Devices (ULDS) for aviation and various mari containers, i.e. dry and refrigerated containers for seaborne transport. The most popular among thes international business are the maritime containers which are also used when the transportation inva two or more different modes of transportation

8. Trade between Partners of Regional Trade Agreements (RTAS): According to a recent repo WTO, there were about 220 RTAs out of which 150 had been brought to the notice of WTO. All the mem of WTO belong to at least one RTA and on an average, they belong to six RTAs.

9.Developing Countries’ Trade: Though there have been issues in assessing and evaluating correct custom value of second-hand computers, cars, clothes, machines, etc. developed countries increasingly eying the developing countries to export the surplus produce.

10. Intra-firm Trade: It is basically the trade within the same organisation or its subsidiaries an share in the international business is about 33 per cent.

11.Global Production Network: There has been advancement in worldwide production specialisa especially in manufactured products.

There has been a rapid increase in the contribution level towards international business of manufacture products as well as the export of parts and components of final products to be exported. Exported prod also include a significant part of imported intermediate inputs.

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