Rick Shiels Net Worth 2024- Age, Wife and Earnings

Rick Shiels Net Worth 2024- The YouTube channel of English PGA coach, golf influencer, and YouTuber Rick Shiels is well-known. Rick Shiels is well-known for his golf recommendations and reviews of various golf accessories. According to updates from 2024, Rick Shiels’s net worth is approximately $5 million.

Rick Shiels Net Worth 2024- Age, Wife and Earnings

Rick Shiels Net Worth 2022- Age, Wife and Earnings

Learn more about the earnings, income, salary, and career of Rick Shiels.

Rick Shiels Earnings, Salary, Income

According to reports from 2022, Rick Shiels’s monthly income is around $26,000. Consequently, Rick Shiels’s annual income is around $312K. My principal source of income is as a YouTuber, PGA instructor, and golf influencer.

Fans keep wondering:

What is Rick Shiels’ salary?

Rick Shiels derives the majority of his income from YouTube advertising revenue.

The Monetized YouTube channel generates revenue by displaying video advertisements for every one thousand views. Monetized YouTube channels may earn between $3 and $7 for one thousand views. Sponsorships, affiliate commissions, product sales, and speaking engagements produce far more money than advertisements.

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Rick Shiels Wife and Family

The findings about Rick Shiels’s relationships point to the fact that Rick is most likely a married guy. Research into Rick Shiels’s relationships has led to the conclusion that Claire Shiels is the happy couple’s wife.

The wedding took place on March 30, 2013, between Rick and Claire. Ivy Shiels was Rick and Claire Shiels’ first child, and she was born after they had been married for a year. After another two years, they were blessed with another daughter, and they called her Pearl Shiels.

The birth of Rick and his partner’s third child, a son named Jude Shiels, was announced. Rick has made it to the top of the list of YouTubers who have the highest net worth because to the amount of money they make on the platform.

Early life and Career

Rick Shiels Golf, an influential figure in English golf and a YouTuber, was born in Burnley, Lancashire, England, on July 3, 1986. Rick Shiels Golf is known for his videos about golf.

Rick was born and raised in Burnley, which is located in Lancashire.

When Rick was 11 years old, he first began taking an interest in golf and eventually went on to become one of the most successful golf aficionados and YouTubers. The beginning of the profession was spent in Hart Common, which is located in Bolton. After that, Rick began his training with the PGA when he was 18 years old, and by the time he was 21, he was a fully certified professional.

Rick also began working at The Mere in Knutsford, in addition to all of his other responsibilities. In addition to that, he attended Myerscough College and received a certificate in golf studies there. After some time had passed, he began his professional life at the Mere Golf & Country Club in Cheshire, England. As soon as he finished his training with the PGA, he was able to start working as a professional.

He wants golfers to have more fun, enhance their skills, and have a better grasp of the golf swing.

The career of Rick Shiels on YouTube also includes the information that in 2010, Rick relocated to the Trafford Golf Centre in Manchester. The establishment of the channel on YouTube turned out to be quite fruitful in the long run. In addition, he provides golf club evaluations, Rick Shiels Golf Lessons, and other instructional content on the channel. Rick was had to resign from his position at the Trafford Golf Centre in order to launch a new academy in partnership with Peter Finch. Quest Golf Studio is the name of the instruction facility.

Rick Shiels’s podcast career notes that he also has an impressive podcast career, which is something of which he is quite proud.

Rick, a well-paid YouTuber, was the first golf vlogger to achieve one million followers. His channel is now one of the most subscribed to on the platform. After some time had passed, Rick had collaborated with companies such as Inc., Garmin, Nike, and Mastercard on the production of various miniseries that were hosted on his YouTube channel. Rick’s videos have included a wide variety of well-known people, including Robbie Williams and Eddie Hall.

Videos provide reviews of golf equipment, anecdotes about golf, instructional suggestions, and other golf-related content. Podcast The Rick Shiels Golf Show may be downloaded as a podcast from a number of different services. In addition to that, he maintains a second channel on YouTube with the same name, on which he uploads video segments and whole episodes. The most recent changes, which date back to February 2021, reveal that Shiels makes the announcement on his podcast that he will no longer be working with Nike.

The development of his career on YouTube

In spite of the fact that he worked as a professional in the Golf sports field, the YouTuber Rick Shiels chose to start producing his own material and joined the YouTube channel on October 13, 2011. His channel begins with the following message: “Welcome to Rick Shiels’ golf YouTube channel, home of golf teaching, golf coaching, equipment reviews, golf club reviews, golf courses, blogs, challenges, golf entertainment, golf fun, and everything else.”

Recognition came more easily to him as a result of his strong connection with the audience and his inventive approach. On the same day (10 February 2020), Rick Shiels made the decision to launch a second YouTube channel that would be dedicated to his golf programme. The bulk of his profits come from his channel on YouTube, but he also makes a significant amount of money from sponsorships and has just inked a deal with Nike that will last for four years and will bring him a substantial salary.

Channel Rick Shiels Golf enables him to disseminate his advice to a more extensive readership. By June of the following year, he had amassed one million followers and had established himself as one of the most successful content providers on YouTube.

On his channel, Shiels mostly concentrates on the following topics:

Putting several golfing accessories through their paces
Advice on what to do and what not to do, as given out on the golf course
Tutorial on golf techniques

The Podcast by Rick

The details for February 10, 2020 highlight the fact that Shiels hosted his podcast The Rick Shiels Golf Show, on which he discusses topics related to the golf industry and other pertinent subjects. Rick Shiels brings guest stars on the podcast to ask their opinion on the new rules in the golf industry and related information that will make you, your family, and friends laugh and be entertained.

The works of Rick Shiels may be accessed via a variety of popular streaming services, including Pandora, Spotify, Audible, and others. Shiels has secured Motocaddy, a golf store, as the primary sponsor for his podcast, which draws listeners from over 16 countries and more than 315,000 golfers on a monthly basis.

The most important aspects of the Rick Shiels Fire Accident

After their home was destroyed by fire on January 3, 2017, Rick and his family were forced to endure a difficult period in their lives. However, they might be able to make it back to their home in Bolton. Rick Shiels was able to take control of the situation despite the fatal catastrophe that occurred.

Is it true that Rick Shiels played in the PGA?

At the age of 11, Rick Shiels started playing golf at the Hart Common Golf Club, which is located in Westhoughton. He attended Myerscough College and received a certificate in golf studies there. After ten years, Rick Shiels started taking up the game of golf. After finishing his training to become a PGA professional, Rick Shiels found a job at the Mere Golf & Country Club in Cheshire, England.


How much is Rick Shiels worth?
The net worth of Rick Shiels is $5 million.

What is Rick Shiels’ age?
English golf vlogger Rick is 36 years old.

What height is Rick Shiels?
According to contemporary estimations, Rick Shiels is 6 feet and 0 inches tall (1.83 m).

Is Rick Shiels dating?
Rick and his wife, Claire Shiels, have been enjoying a wonderful life together.

Where is Rick Shields’ residence?
Rick Shiels resides in the English city of Bolton.

Where is Rick Shiels?
Rick Shiels, the Senior PGA Teaching Professional at Manchester’s Trafford Golf Centre, resides in Bolton, England, United Kingdom.
‎How can I reach out to Rick Shiels?
This enables you to contact Rick Shiels PGA through Twitter: “@troywolf20 email [email protected].”

Does Nike support Rick Shiels?
Nike Golf no longer sponsors Rick Shiels. According to Shiels, the brand’s model shift had a detrimental impact on his connection with the target demographic.

Who supports Rick Shiels financially?
Rick Shiels was sponsored by Nike.

What is Rick Shiels’ age?
Age of Rick Shiels is 36 Years (3 July 1986).

What footwear does Rick Shiels possess?
Rick Shiels Golf is renowned for its selection of Nike GOLF 270′ golf shoes.

Has Rick Shiels a spouse?
He is married, yes. Rick Shiels said on Instagram, “Celebrating 5 fantastic years of marriage to my lovely wife Claire!”

Last words

Rick Shiels’ extraordinary personality inspires novices to become golf aficionados. Rick Shiels’s net worth is rising gradually as a result of his busy work. Stay in touch with us to receive information about other athletes.

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