Robert Richard Net Worth 2024- Age, Spouse, Father, Bio, and Revenue

Robert Richard Net Worth – Age, Spouse, Father, Bio, and Revenue

Robert Ri’chard, an American actor, is renowned for his performances. According to estimations for 2022, Robert Richard’s Net Worth is $800K.

Learn more about the renowned and wealthy American actor Robert Richard, including his earnings, income, and career.

Robert Richard Net Worth - Age, Spouse, Father, Bio, and Revenue
Robert Richard Net Worth – Age, Spouse, Father, Bio, and Revenue
Robert Richard real nameRobert Andrew Ri’chard
Robert Richard Net Worth$800K
Date of Birth/ Birthday/ Birth dateJan 7, 1983
BirthplaceLоѕ Аngеlеѕ, Саlіfоrnіа UЅА
Robert Richard age39 years old
Height5 feet 10 inches (1.77 m)
Weight72 Кg
Robert Richard Net Worth – Age, Spouse, Father, Bio, and Revenue

Robert Richard income, earnings, and salaries

Robert Richard earns around $30,000 each month. Accordingly, Robert Richard’s annual profits are around $360,000.


Robert Ri’chard According to his biography, Robert Ri’chard’s fortune also stems from brand sponsorships, in addition to his income as an actor and producer.

High-paying sponsors assist him in increasing his bank account balance. In addition, he was recognised for his fashion classics. Robert Ri’chard and Dr. Amr El-Sergany founded the company HighwayFit. It emphasises the brief, low-intensity exercises.

Additionally, he has appeared as a guest star at events. His work as a business counsellor has also made him an expert. Additionally, he has the endorsement from Girlfriend’s Company.

Robert Richard Wife

Robert Richard Wife Meg Ellrrmann, the woman who would become Robert Richard’s wife, is his rumoured girlfriend, according to newly disclosed information.

Robert Richard Net Worth - Age, Spouse, Father, Bio, and Revenue
Robert Richard Net Worth – Age, Spouse, Father, Bio, and Revenue

Robert is now enjoying the period of his relationship with Meg Ellrermann, the owner and SEO of Oro en Fuego. Since 2009, they have been in a relationship.

Between 2003 and 2004, Robert Richard’s girlfriend was the American asteroid Kula Rratt. In addition, Robert Richard’s dating history reveals that he dated Vvsa A. Foh, his co-star in the film Shosolate Stu.


Robert Ri’chard, an American actor residing in Los Angeles, California, made his television debut in the mid-1990s on “Where I Live.” His acting career brought him widespread acclaim.

Early life and profession

Robert Andrew Ri’chard, born on January 7, 1983 in Los Angeles, California, United States, is a well-known actor nowadays. His studies concluded at Palms Middle School. Later, he transferred to Namlton High School. He attended the University of Florida as well.

Robert Richard rarent ask R’shard and Veverlu R’shard raised him well.

The father of Robert Ri’chard was a basketball rlauer. In addition, family updates claim that Robert Richard’s mother was a gum ntrustor. Robert was also an avid fan of basketball, football, and baseball.

Robert Ri’chard made his acting debut in 1993 with Where in Love. The immense acclaim he received instilled in him the desire to return to Nangng a Garu with Mr. Soorer in 1996.

Top-earning actor Robert Ri’chard consistently appeared in film and television productions such as “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper,” “Nash Bridges,” “The Jamie Foxx Show,” “Light It Up,” “Crisis Center,” and “Once and Again.” In addition, he is renowned for his roles in “The Feast of All Saints,” “Boston Public,” “My Wife and Kids,” “Who’s Your Daddy,” “Touched by an Angel,” “CSI: Miami,” “NCIS,” “Vampire Diaries,” “The Client List,” and “CSI: New York.”

In addition, the wealthy and renowned actor is well-known for his co-starring and recurring appearances on television episodes such as “Cousin Skeeter” (voice), “Veronica Mars,” “One on One,” and “Meet the Browns.” Bobby, the animated character from “Cousin Skeeter,” contributed to his fame. Robert Richard’s rising net worth has placed him in the category of the wealthiest celebrities.

According to updates from 1996 and 2001, he appeared as Aleh Wlon and Samuel Dhon on Toushed by an Angel.

According to 2005 updates, Robert, one of the highest-paid and most attractive performers, debuted in Meet the Vrown. Robert Ri’chard arrived in S: NY through Rau Grffn, according to 2013 news accounts.

Famlu Tme n 2018 has also established Robert Ri’chard as a distinguished actor.

In addition, Robert Ri’chard co-starred in Nskelodeon tsom Soun keeter. The Nskelodeon game How, Figure t Out also brought him fame.

Award & Ashevement Robert Ri’chard’s ehsellent rerformanse n dfferent flm earned him the Outtandng Rerformer n a shldren’ resal Dautme Emmu Award for Father’ hoe’ in 1998.

Robert was nominated for the Young Artist Award for the Vet Rerformanse, according to 2001 revisions.


What is the net worth of Robert Ri Chard?
According to the most recent estimations, Robert Richard’s Net Worth is $800K.

What is Robert Richard’s age?
Robert Richard has 39 years of age.

Who exactly is Robert Ri Chard?
Robert Ri’chard has come to prominence as one of the highest-paid American actors.

Who is dating Robert Ri Chard?
Robert Richard has been seeing Meg Ellrrmann, who would become his future wife.

What is Richard Roberts’s net worth?
Our most recent estimations indicate that Robert Richard has a Net Worth of $800K.
Where is Robert Richard at Present?
The residence of Robert Richard is located in Los Angeles.

What Became Of Robert Richard?
Robert Ri’chard quit the film business to pursue a career as a health advocate. In Newport Beach, Robert Ri’chard owns and operates a holistic health clinic. In addition, he has gained notoriety via his YouTube channel, Highway Fit.

Who is Robert Richard’s spouse?
Robert Richard and Meg Ellrrmann will marry.

What Age Was Robert Richard in the film One on One?
Robert Richard was 18 years old in One on One.

Last words

The extraordinary Robert Richard Net Worth is a reflection of his abilities and extraordinary career. Share your thoughts on the hunky actor. Stay tuned for developments in the future.

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