Satta King Chart 2022 Live Result – Gali, Diswar, Delhi, Faridabad, Ghaziabad

Complete details of Satta King Chart (December 2022) Live Result in Hindi

Satta King Chart 2022 – Everyone aspires to get wealthy as fast as feasible in the modern world. People frequently make the incorrect choice of company in such circumstances and are unable to escape. Satta Matka gambling is one such money-making addiction.

Satta King Chart 2022 Live Result - Gali, Diswar, Delhi, Faridabad, Ghaziabad

Although Satta King Disawar 2022 or Satta Matta Matka just appears to be a game, in reality it is a very unlawful game in which many competitors lose everything in the exhilaration of winning money.

When they lose money, they invest money in the belief that maybe they may recover their losses, but they only learn that this doesn’t happen and that they progressively drown in this web of gambling because of their thirst for continually earning more and more money.

Then, despite their best efforts, they are unable to recover their lost funds or valuable time. Because of this, I decided today that it would be best if I gave you all the details concerning Jio Satta King or Black Satta King so you could stay away from it. then let’s get going.

What is Satta King – What is Satta King in Hindi

Indian game called Satta Matka or Satta King requires you to predict the drawn number’s last digit. You may play this live-odds gambling game for free or with real money. In India, this game has been played for a very long period.

It is often played with a buddy, and the last digit of the chosen number must be predicted. The winning guesser receives the whole amount of the wager made by both participants. Matka, also known as Satta in Hindi or other local tongues, is another name for gambling.

It is essentially a full-fledged lottery game that was launched in 1950 following India’s independence.

Back then, it was also known as “Ankada Jugar.” The term “matka” remained despite the fact that it underwent several alterations throughout time. The 1980s and 1990s were the peak of Satt Matka’s popularity for the matka industry.

Later, the Matka system suffered greatly as a result of the Mumbai Police’s frequent searches. Whereas the Matka business’s monthly revenue used to exceed Rs 500 crore.

Following this, the majority of people began placing wagers on cricket or lottery games. Due to this circumstance, Satta Matka quickly began to gain popularity in modern times as well.

Satta King Chart December 2022

For individuals who are interested in learning about Satta King Results, there is the Satta King Mix Chart. The most recent and accurate information on the outcome is provided in the chart.

Some of the advantages of the Satta King Result Online Chart are shown in the table below:

  • It offers a selection of Satta king outcomes from several sources.
  • It provides several chart kinds, including daily, weekly, and monthly charts.
  • Additionally, it offers charts for various sports, including football, cricket, and matka.
  • The website’s user-friendly layout makes it simple to move around.

Here, we’ll provide you all the most recent Satta King results updates. All parties require these upgrades. Whereas in this, you will probably certainly receive the results of Satta Matka (December 28, 2022), and that, too, first and accurately. Because of this, you must store or bookmark this URL so that you may access it easily in the future.

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What is Mahakal Satta King?

Satta Matka, sometimes called Satta-King, is a traditional game that was invented and produced in India, which eventually gained international recognition. In the 1990s, Satta Matka was very well-liked by the populace.

At that time, the majority of the population of the nation participated in this game. Housewives used to spend money on the Satta Matka game in addition to men and women. The game of luck was another name for it. Many people have quickly gotten wealthy by playing this game at the same time.

History of Satta Matka – History of Satta Matka in Hindi

You’ve come to the correct site if you’re also curious in the origins of the Satta Matka. Satta Matka has its roots in the 1950s, when the majority of people used to wager on the opening and closing cotton prices, which at the time were communicated through teleprinters from the Bombay Cotton Exchange to the New York Cotton Exchange.

  1. When the New York Cotton Exchange introduced this kind of betting in 1961, the bettors/gamblers or gamblers had to consider alternative means of sustaining the satta matka industry.
  2. . A different monarch, Kalyanji Bhagat, who ran a grocery store in Worli, began Kalyan Worli Matka in 1962, where, by his new regulations, even the lowest of the poor could wager on it. only for Rs. 1 now.
  3. In 1964, just two years after the first New Worli Matka, Ratan Khatri restarted the game with several modifications.
  4. Unlike Ratan Khatri’s Matka, which operated six days per week, Kalyanji Bhagat’s Matka formerly operated seven days per week.
  5. As Mumbai’s textile mills gained popularity, more bookmakers opened up shop nearby since the majority of mill workers began playing matka more.
  6. As Mumbai’s textile mills gained more notoriety, the majority of mill employees began to play matka more, which led to an increase in the number of bookmakers opening up business nearby and the development of most of Central Mumbai. Mumbai has developed into a significant centre for matka trade.
  7. The matka industry had reached its pinnacle during the 1980s and 1990s, with a monthly revenue of over Rs 500 crore!
  8. On the other hand, the satta matka bases sustained significant damage as a result of the Mumbai Police’s repeated raids. They were compelled to relocate their bases outside of the city because of this. While others needed to be transported to other states, like Gujarat, Rajasthan, etc.
  9. On the other side, bookmakers must focus on other forms of gambling, such as online lotteries, when there are no longer any options for betting or satta. While others wager on cricket matches.

This company began to experience significant losses at the same time as the police’s meddling started to increase. When Kalyanji Bhagat’s son “Suresh Bhagat” was killed in 2008, however, betting had all but ceased.

Even after this, the following Satta Matka are currently more well-liked.

May 2022December 2022
Faridabad 2022Punjab Super 2022
Delhi Bazaar 2022Cubes 2022
J.D. Durga 2022New Faridabad 2022

Next, in this page, you will get comprehensive information on Satta Matka.

Satta King Delhi 2022

In reality, Satka Matka is a form of lottery in which wagers are made based on the price of cotton. The term “SATTA KING” simply refers to a player who is skilled in SATTA MATKA and consistently succeeds. SATTA MATKA is the actual name of the game in question.

The first person to introduce Satka Matka was Kalyanji Bhagat. In Mumbai, he presented this game as a game of chance. Numerous past matka monarchs significantly altered the satta matka regulations. Let’s learn more about the Satta Matka Kings now.

Who are the famous 3 Satka Matka Kings of India?

Up to this point, the major three Matka Kings of Satta Matka in India have attained enormous popularity. This includes the Matka Kings who are listed below.

  • Kalyanji Bhagat
  • Rattan Khatri
  • Suresh Bhagat

In the world of matka, all three of these names are extremely well-liked. The popularity of Satta Matka 2022 has seen significant fluctuation recently. Today, all of the satka matka games are widely accessible on websites like Play Bazzar, Play Bazaar, Play Bazaar Xyz, and others.

How much Satta King Online is played nowadays?

In addition, there are a lot of games played in today’s Satta Matka era. But among them, Satta King’s Games Online Satka Matka, Satta King Faridabad, Satta King Ghaziabad, Satta King Disawar, Satta King Gali, etc., are some of the most well-known.

It’s probable that a large number of people in your community also participate in gambling.

Who are Matka Kings?

These individuals are referred to as “Matka Kings” because they have profited greatly from matka gambling.

And just three individuals—Kalyanji Bhagat, Suresh Bhagat, and Ratan Khatri—have earned the title of Matka Kings. Although these individuals live extremely private lives, nothing is known about them.

Satta King Fast Terminology in Hindi

Let’s learn some Hindi Satta Matka Terminology so that we can all understand what Satta Matka is all about.

1. Matka

The origin of the term “matka” is “earthen pot,” as back then, numerals were drawn using earthen pots.

2. Single

any numeric digit that falls between 0 and 9.

3. Jodi/Pair

is any set of two digits from 00 to 99.

4. Patti/Panna

This particular three-digit number appears at the very end, much like the outcome of a bet. The term “patti/panna” refers to all three-digit numerals.

5. Open result/close result

The outcome of a bet is split into two parts: an open component and a close part.


Single patti eg 123

Double patti eg 112

Triple patti eg 111

7. Cycle Patti

The final two digits of Patti are referred to as Patti, Cycle Patti, or CP. For instance, Cycle Patti will be 28 if Patti is 128.

8. Farak

The discrepancy between the outcome of the beginning and the end is known as farak. For instance, farak I is 7-5 = 2 if pair is 57.

9. Berji

The final digit in Jodi’s total is this. For instance, 7+6 Equals 13 if the combination totals 76. The last digit is thus 3, indicating that berji is 3.

The matka industry has a significant impact on Bollywood as well as the life of the matka kings.

Why is not opening?

Satta is a fully forbidden game. The government continues to impose restrictions on this game’s website as a result. People in this circumstance were unable to access this website’s correct URL.

The new website address for Satta King 2022 is, and it is currently operational. If you must visit this site, you may do so without difficulty. Desawar satta chart 2022, satta king desawar 2022, and satta king in the year 2022. You may play all of these additional Satta Matka games. However, it is still unlawful to play these games, just like it is elsewhere.

Chameli Satta King New Site 2022

Satta King is an unauthorised website, as I’ve already said. However, its primary domain is now forbidden. In this case, if you’re looking for “Satta king 2022 new link,” you may get that information right here.

So tell us about Satta King 2022’s other subsidiary websites. The following are a few of the more significant ones:

These sites are all extensions of the main sites, and practically all of them provide material that is identical. whereby they work with practically only one crew. Online replicas of a single site are active at the same time.

HindiMe has never endorsed online gambling. If we are right, then we should only work legally and expect to make money. It is for everyone’s benefit.

Are Indian Satta Legal sites?

As I’ve already stated, Satta King 2021 is an entirely unlawful website. Along with all the facts on gambling and gambling, this also includes a Satta playing system. These websites are already prohibited by the authorities. You should likewise stay away from all of these websites in this circumstance.

Delhi Bazar Satta King 2022 – Why and How to Play?

Previously, Satta Matka was exclusively played offline. Satta King is a game that is now played both offline and online. Technology is now widely employed in the Internet era, and Satta Matka King 2022 is now available online as well.
Now, several iOS and Android app versions are now accessible for download for the convenience of consumers. These days, most people play this game online, especially to evade the authorities.

Mahalaxmi Satta King Game Modes

Satta King games come in a variety of varieties. Since they are stored according to location, their names are different from one another. Similar to how the Satta King Desawar game is positioned there.

Please inform us about other Satta King Hindi in accordance with their names, such as Kalyan Matka, Kuber Matka, Man Mumbai Matka, Deep Pee Boss, Indian Matka, Wali Matka, Super Day Matka, Boss Matka, Madhur Matka, Black Satta, Gali Disawar, Guru Delhi, Mayapuri, Delhi King, Mumbai Morning, etc.

Why play Satta Matta Matka?

The straightforward response to this question is that those who want to become wealthy as quickly and easily as possible play games like Satta King Game. People believe that they may quickly become the richest people if their luck is on their side.

The need for greater money blinds individuals. People play this game even though they are aware that betting is against the law because they are greedy to get extremely wealthy quickly and without having to work hard.

Should I play Satta King Faridabad?

If you want to become wealthy, you cannot rely just on chance in the game of Satta Matka King. You must put in a lot of effort and stay away from this rubbish if you want to be wealthy.

You will undoubtedly lose a lot of time, money, peace of mind, and other things. Furthermore, the government has made such games illegal.

Satta King Old Chart Reality – What is the truth of Satta Matka?

Satta King is a fantastic game for gamers of all skill levels. The games range greatly in popularity from the most popular to the least popular.

Today, however, this is not the case; instead, the Satta king displays the slip of his choosing. This game makes me even less optimistic since I think it proclaims that slip the winner, which means that not many people would risk their money on it. This causes a lot of individuals to lose money, but it ultimately increases their profitability.

As a result, we think you should avoid Satta King Hindi or this kind of gaming. You should all benefit from it. Instead than relying solely on chance, work hard and make money.

What is Satta Matka Game?

The classic gambling game “Satta Matka” was created in our own nation, India. Over time, it expanded over the globe, and now, this game is played everywhere. The game of luck is another name for Satta Matka.

Who is the creator of Satta Matka Game?

The satta matka game is credited to Ratan Khatri ji as its creator.

Who is called the father of Satta Matka Game? 

The father of the satta matka game is referred to be Ratan Khatri ji.

What is Kalyan Matka?

The only kind of play in Kalyan Matka Satta is betting. This matka satta game was created in 1962 by Kalyanji Bhagat, thus the additional name Kalyan Matka.

Who is called Satta King in India?

In India, there are three persons known as Satta Kings. This applies to Suresh Bhagat, Ratan Khatri, and Kalyanji Bhagat. It’s interesting to witness the game between these three and the excitement in playing it.

How many Satta Matka games are played nowadays?

Satta Matka has evolved into several distinct games in recent years. Satta Mtka, Satta King Faridabad, Satta King Ghaziabad, Satta King Disawar, Satta King Gali, and Satta King Faridabad are a few of them that are well-known.

information about Satta King

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