ba 2nd year english question paper 2019

ba 2nd year english question paper 2019

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ba 2nd year english question paper 2019

B.A. Il Year Examination, 2019

English-III Drama

[M.M: 50 Time : Three Hours]

(A-209) Note: This paper is divided into five Sections-A, B, C, D & E. Attempt questions from each Section as per instructions.

Section-A Note: This Section contains one question of two parts (a) and (b). Attempt both parts as per instructions.

1. (a) Attempt any five questions. Answers must be short:

(i) What is morality play?

(ii) What are the elements of tragedy?

iii) Explain the various types of comedy.

(iv) What is problem play?

(v) What do you understand by poetic justice?

(vi) What is the theme of a Shakespearean tragedy ? .

(vii) What type of plays did Shaw write?

“ba 2nd year english question paper 2019”

(viii) “Candida here, Candida there and Candida everywhere.” Explain.

(b) With reference to context explain the following passages adding critical comments wherever necessary:

(i) In faith, he’s penitent;And yet his trespass, in our common reason Save that, they say, the wars must make examples Out of their best-is not almost a fault To incur a private check. If I quench thee, thou flaming minister, I can again thy former light restore, Should I repent me; but once put thy light, Thou cunningest pattern of excelling nature I know not where is that Promethean heatThat can thy light relume.

“ba 2nd year english question paper 2019”

(ii) Shame and Ingratitude! Do you reproach me ? You, you upbraid me! Have I been false to her,thro’ strict Fidelity to you, and sacrific’d my Friendship to keep my Love inviolate ? And have you the Baseness to charge me with the Guilt, unmindful of the Merit! To you it shou’d be meritorious, that I have been vicious. And do you reflect that Guilt upon me, which should lie buried in your Bosom?Or It may be in Things of common Application; but never sure in Love. O, I hate a Lover, that can dare to think, he draws a Moments Air, Independent on the Bounty of his Mistress. There is not so impudent a Thing in Nature, as the sawcy Look of an assured Man. Confident of Success. The Pedantick Arrogance of a very Husband, has not so Pragmatical an Air. Ah! I’ll never marry,unless I am first made sure of my Will and Pleasure.

“ba 2nd year english question paper 2019”

iii) imean, will he forgive me for not teaching him myself? For abandoning him to the bad woman forth sake of my goodness, of my purity, as you call it? Ah, James, how little you understand, me to talk of your confidence in my goodness and purity! I would give them both to poor Eugene as willingly as I would give my shawl to a beggar dying of cold, if there were nothing else to res tram me. But your trust in my love for you, James: for if that went, I should care little for your sermons were phrases that you cheat yourself and others with every day.Or When there is money to give, he gives it: when there is money to refuse; I refuse it. I abundant vasetitle of comfort and indulgence and love for him, and stand sentinel always to keep little vulgarres out. I make his master here, though he does not know it, and could feel you a moment. came to be so. And when he thought I might go away with you; his only anxiety was – whould become of me!

“ba 2nd year english question paper 2019”

Sections-B, C, D&E

Note: Each Section contains two questions. Attempt one question from each Section. Ans descriptive.


Discuss the character of Desdemona.

3. Analyze the treatment of marriage and love in ‘Othello’.witH

sun from each Section. Answers must be

“ba 2nd year english question paper 2019”


4. Discuss the character of Mirabell.

5. In ‘The Way of the World’ the central theme is undoubtedly relations of men Elaborate.


6Discuss the character of Marchbanks.

7. Do you agree with the view that the theme of ‘Candida’ is shattering of illusion and attainmen knowledge ? Discuss.


8. Attempt any two of the following questions. Answers must be of 150 words each.

(i) Write a note on the role of Emilia.

(ii) Justify the term ‘the comedy of manners’ as applied to “The Way of the World’.

(iii) Whom and why does Candida choose in the auction scene?

“ba 2nd year english question paper 2019”

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