Ba 3rd year Political Science Notes in hindi


Ch. Charan Singh University, Meerut Latest Syllabus

B.A. (Part III) : Paper 1 Political Science

Unite-I: Meaning, Nature and Scope of Public Administration; Relation of Public Administration to other Social Sciences; Public and Private Administration; The role of Public Administration in the Modern State; Responsive Administation.

Unit-II : Bases of Organization : Primacy of the Functional base; Principles of Organization; Hierarchy; Span of Control; Delegation of Authority; Centralization and Decentralization; Control over Administration : Legislative, Executive and Judicial.

Unit-III : The Chief Executive; Line, Staff and Auxiliary Agencies. The Department; Public Corporations; Independent Regulatory Commissions; Field Services/Agencies; Bureaucracy.

Unit-IV : Personnel Administration : Recruitment, Training and Promotion. Position Classification; Public Relations; Financial administration; budget, audit.

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