Matt Hoss net Worth – Income, age, wife and Earnings

Matt Hoss net Worth – Matt Hoss Zone, an American YouTube channel, has recently gained a great deal of popularity. The American YouTuber has uploaded numerous videos that have garnered a total of 59,7 million views. The channel has over 161,000 subscribers as a result of the high-quality content it posts. The estimated value of Matt Hoss net worth in 2023 is $250,000, as it has been increasing recently. Let’s talk about Matt Hoss’s salary, income, earnings, career, and other pertinent information.

Matt Hoss net Worth – Income, age, wife and Earnings

Matt Hoss net Worth - Income, age, wife and Earnings
Matt Hoss net Worth – Income, age, wife and Earnings

Matt Hoss Earnings, Salary and Income

Revelations about Matt Hoss’s income indicate that his monthly earnings are around $250. Consequently, Matt Hoss’s annual wages are around $3000. Certainly, these are the YouTube pay details for Matt Hoss. However, Matt Hoss has several sources of income that contribute to his net worth.

Matt Hosseinzadeh, a.k.a. Matt Hoss, sometimes referred to as Bold Guy, is a YouTuber and antagonist.

Matt Hoss Relationship

There is no compelling evidence to suggest that Matt Hoss’s girlfriend is anybody in particular. In addition to that, we do not have any information about Matt Hoss’s wife. We are still attempting to determine what the YouTuber has been up to, but the information we want is not yet available.

Early life and Career

Matt Hoss was born in the United States in 1977, but despite his notoriety, there is not a great deal of information available about his personal life. According to his Twitter account, Matt Hosseinzadeh was born in 1977. Based on this information, Matt Hosseinzadeh is approximately 40 years old. At the moment, Matt Hoss makes his home in the state of California. The staggering amount of money that Matt Hoss has amassed has earned him a spot in the top YouTuber’s net worth category.

Real nameMatt Hosseinzadeh
Matt Hoss Net Worth$250000
Birthdayborn in 1977
Matt Hoss residenceCalifornia
Matt Hoss net Worth – Income, age, wife and Earnings

On July 11, 2011, Hoss launched his YouTube channel, and he has since amassed 170,450 subscribers. Hoss is one of the most successful YouTube vloggers in terms of earnings. The content that he provides in the form of vlogs is very appealing to the audience. Additionally, he has uploaded videos that include original short films that are comedic, scary, fantastical, and action-packed. In addition to this, there is also the participation of electronic dance music. Comedian Matt Hoss, who drew a lot of attention to himself, had a history of being easy to make fun of.

He has portrayed himself as a parkour-obsessed comedian who maintains a YouTube channel full of videos that are offensive to women. Additionally, Hoss is the owner of a website that hosts short films sourced from YouTube. You’ll also be able to watch some behind-the-scenes footage if you subscribe to this channel.


  • Channel name: Matt Hoss Zone
  • Joined on: 12th July, 2011
  • Number of subscribers: 167K+


The one who calls himself “the courageous man” has always shown parkour talents that are worthy of praise. It once transpired that Adler Weber, one of the audience members, made the observation that Hoss had been looking for a reason to create a free-running video. The video has received negative feedback from viewers, who have said that watching it is a complete and total waste of their time.

In addition to this, it came to pass that Hoss filed a lawsuit against Ethan and Hila, the people responsible for creating the H3H3 channel, since they produced a response video and used the opportunity to make fun of Bold Guy vs. Parkour Girl.

Hoss filed a lawsuit against H3H3 because he claimed that the band had violated the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which is an act that protects intellectual property. They were just engaging in the act of slandering him. However, things transpired in such a way that the vlogger ended up losing a legal fight against the proprietors of the H3H3 channel. Judge Forrest elaborated on why the Kleins’ actions did not constitute a violation of copyright laws.

H3H3 took the issue to a new level when he released a second video in which he discussed the matter while also expressing his gratitude to supporters for their support. In addition to this, he reposted the reply video that Hoss had pulled down before and titled “Bold Guy versus Parkour Girl.”

As a direct result of this, Kleins was able to collect contributions totaling $150,000 from other YouTube stars and supporters to go toward paying his legal bills. When all that happened, Matt Hoss stopped doing any work after the decision was made in the case. Since the 23rd of August 2017, the Twitter account has not been active either. Since January 6, 2017, the YouTube channel known as Matt Hoss Zone has not received any new uploads.


Where Is Matt Hoss Currently?
The current location of Matt Hoss’s home is in California.

What Became Of Matt Hoss?

Hoss filed a lawsuit against H3H3 because he claimed that they violated the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and hence committed copyright infringement. However, the Vlogger lost a legal struggle against the H3H3 channel owners. The judge stated that Kleins did not violate copyright laws. As a result, Kleins got $150,000 in legal cost contributions from other YouTube celebrities and supporters. Matt Hoss went inactive as a result of the litigation judgement. Twitter account has been inactive since 23 August 2017. Matt Hoss Zone’s YouTube account has not been updated since January 6, 2017.

What is Matt Hoss’ salary?
Matt Hoss’s monthly YouTube earnings are around $250, according to revealed income information. Consequently, Matt Hoss’s annual wages are around $3000.

What happened with Matt Hoss?
People are asking, What happened to Matt Hoss (the daring man)? The reality is that once h3 won the case, he absolutely vanished from public view.

Last words

Misunderstandings, feuds, and lawsuits are common among YouTubers, but sadly, some of them result in a permanent departure. Although Matt Hoss’s net worth has been enormous for some time, we currently lack specific information about the YouTuber. Stay tuned for developments in the future.

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