Shaaanxo Net Worth Revealed: Income and Earnings

Shaaanxo Net Worth Revealed: Income and Earnings

Shaaanxo, a prominent and very wealthy YouTuber from New Zealand, established xoBeauty out of love. The estimated net worth of Shaaanxo in 2023 is around $2 million.

YouTuber and beauty, fashion, and lifestyle influencer Shaaanxo has gained notoriety for the variety of videos she has uploaded to her channel.

Shaaanxo Net Worth Revealed: Income and Earnings

Shaaanxo Net Worth Revealed: Income and Earnings

She creates films on high-quality cosmetics. Additionally, she makes the eyelashes and brushes available locally.

Shannon Harris, often known as Shaaanxo, is a highly compensated and well-known YouTube personality who focuses on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

Learn more about the Shaaanxo’s earnings, income, salary, and job options.

Shaaanxo Net Worth Revealed: Income and Earnings

Shaaanxo real nameShannon Harris
Shaaanxo Net Worth$2 million
BirthdayAugust 12, 1992
BirthplaceNew Zealand
Shaaanxo age29
Shaaanxo height5 feet 6 inches 168cm
Shaaanxo weight52 Kg 121 lbs
NationalityNew Zealanderz
OccupationBeauty, Fashion and Lifestyle influencer and YouTuber
Shaaanxo Net Worth Revealed: Income and Earnings

Earnings, income, and salary of Shaaanxo

The monthly income of the Shaaanxo, according to earnings estimates, is approximately $20,000 per month. Consequently, the annual income of Shaaanxo is around $240,000.

YouTubers are compensated between $2 and $7 per 1000 monetized views, after YouTube has taken its cut. The YouTuber also generates additional revenue from YouTube Red subscribers who pay a monthly subscription fee to view ad-free premium content on YouTube. Their net worth increases as a result of brand collaborations and other social media sites.

In addition to the income from YouTube advertising revenue, she also has a career in makeup and fashion.

Shaaanxo husband

The Shaaanxo boyfriend information indicates that she is married to Hamish, the Shaaanxo spouse (MooshMooshVlogs).

Shaaanxo Net Worth Revealed: Income and Earnings

Shaaanxo Net Worth Revealed: Income and Earnings

YouTube details
Channel name – Shaaanxo
Joined on – January 18, 2009
Plus than or equal to 3.5 million subscribers

Shaaanxo early and career

Shannon Harris, who was born on 12 August 1992 and is better known online as Shaaanxo, is an attractive YouTuber from New Zealand.
Shannon’s online make-up and beauty lessons have gained her great notoriety.
Shannon’s own channel, Shaaanxo Vlogs, has challenges, recipes, ‘tags,’ Q&As, and updates addressing any viewer questions. Shannon, New Zealand’s number one webstar, has been at the forefront of the country’s beauty and fashion.

Shannon’s internet fame rose to prominence thanks in large part to the uniqueness of her material. In addition, she is well-known for her cosmetic instructions and videos. Through her YouTube channel and makeup artistry, she could amass 421,000,000 views. With the assistance of social media channels, her YouTube channel has helped her amass a staggering 5 million followers. Shannon has red hair since birth. Shannon was a teenager.

Her parents divorced, but for the sake of their child, they wanted to remain “friends.” Shannon is the only kid in her family; she was a bashful youngster who donned her mother’s makeup. After Harris and her mother relocated to Korea, she began to feel lonely. She returned to New Zealand and wore makeup while she was in Form 3 (Year 9, Grade 8-9) Shannon is not only the most popular makeup-related YouTuber in New Zealand, but she also has the most subscribers. Regarding her pets, she has two pups named Zeus and Lewie.

Shannon’s material includes cosmetics and beauty lessons, organising, daily vlogs, skincare advice, and films on decluttering. She consistently publishes inventive makeup looks, which distinguishes her from the rest of the competition. The enormous Shaaanxo Net Worth has aided her rise to the category of YouTuber with the highest net worth.

In addition, she is well-known for decluttering tutorials that have proven popular with viewers. In addition, she may give an informational, practical, and therapeutic approach to arranging makeup stations and the atmosphere as a whole. In addition, she maintains a personal interaction with her followers by posting daily vlogs about her everyday activities.

Shaaanxo Wikipedia mentions Shannon publishes extra images, videos, reviews, and general musings on her popular blog under the alias Shaaanxo. Everything in it emphasises the most recent cosmetics she uses and promotes. She posts videos demonstrating how to create glam looks with basic swatches, which sets her apart from the competition. Through the films, she provides fans with a thorough evaluation of each product. Additionally, she publishes a series of beauty hauls.

Tutorials on beauty and makeup encourage young and attractive makeup artists to continue their objective. Shannon utilises social media to record her worldwide adventures. The Instagram account of Shaaanxo provides as a platform for both cosmetic and lifestyle material. In addition, she provides the audience with a gallery of trip vlogs and photographs. In addition to documenting her travels around England and the United States, she also presents sponsored vacations with beauty companies, like MAC Cosmetics.

Shannon’s renowned online profile has assisted her in cooperating with any company, regardless of the kind of material she shares on her YouTube channel, such as beauty, travel, lifestyle, or technology. She has been working tirelessly to increase the Shaaanxo Net Worth via the use of collaborations and sponsored vacations to product giveaways.

In this manner, she is establishing a platform for her followers to participate in her collaborative work and establishing herself as a popular social media star. In addition, she has honed her talents to become a well-known marketing partner throughout the course of her career.

Shaaanxo Vlogs have given Shannon Harris, a well-known New Zealand YouTuber, great popularity. On July 19, 2011, the YouTuber joined the site and began showcasing her talents to the world.


Did Shaaanxo And Hamish Break Up?
Shannon Harris, well known by her screen as ShaaanXo, gets married to her longtime companion Hamish Kennard in a gorgeous outdoor ceremony.

When Is Shaaanxo Getting Married?
Kennard wed her longtime boyfriend Hamish at the scenic Black Walnut Venue in Whakamarama in February 2021.

What is Shaaanxo’s yearly salary?
Shaaanxo’s annual income is around $240,000.

What is the address of Shaaanxo House?
The couple purchased property to construct a new house in Palmerston North!

What exactly is a Shaaanxo Car?
Shaaanxo Car details are NA.

Who is Shaaanxo Dad?
On their Instagram page, shaaanxo said, “Happy Father’s Day, dad no one can wear a monobrow as well as you #shaaanxo.”

Who is Shaaanxo Ex Boyfriend?
She previously disclosed concerns with her Ex-Boyfriend, but the specifics are unavailable.

What is Shaaanxo Height?
Shaaanxo Height is 5ft 4in.

What is the weight loss treatment Shaaanxo?
During her discussion on the Shaaanxo Weight Loss treatment, she claimed that she was unable to manage her weight with a low-calorie diet and exercise, so she opted for a different regimen.

Is Shaaanxo Pregnant?
Shannon Kennard, a New Zealand influencer, was expecting her first child with spouse Hamish Kennard in December 2021.

How Much Does Shaaanxo Weight?
Shaaanxo Weight is 52 Kg, 121 lbs.

How much is Shaaanxo’s YouTube income?
Shaaanxo’s monthly YouTube advertising income is around $20,000 per month. Consequently, the annual income of Shaaanxo is around $240,000.

What is Shaaanxo’s annual salary?
Shaaanxo’s annual profits are around $240,000.

How Old Is Shaaanxo?
Shaaanxo age is 29 years.

How much is Shaaanxo worth?
Shaaanxo has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Where Does Shaaanxo Live?
They are Palmerston North residents.

Where resides Shaaanxo in New Zealand?
The pair lives in Palmerston North.

Last words

Shaaanxo Recently, the YouTuber’s net worth has skyrocketed as she and her husband have worked tirelessly to make their YouTube channel a huge success. Share your thoughts in the section below, and stay tuned for more updates.

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