14 Instagram Post Ideas for business


14 Instagram Post Ideas for business – Are you having trouble coming up with Instagram content that is relevant to your company goals? Looking for a solution to increase participation?

This post will provide you with 14 strategies that you can use right now to increase your Instagram audience and sales.

1: Use carousels to break up long educational posts.

Instagram is an excellent venue for disseminating information in tiny, digestible chunks. First, consider the message you want to convey to your audience. Perhaps you want to demonstrate how you get materials, or perhaps you want to emphasise the advantages of a crucial element included in all of your goods.

Then, cut your message up into little chunks that will fit on an image or in a video frame.

Instagram carousels work well for this sort of post because they capture readers’ attention with an initial picture and keep them scrolling with up to nine subsequent photos or videos. The Instagram algorithm may display up to two separate posts from a carousel in the feeds of followers, enhancing impressions and interaction chances.

For example, the Instagram photo below from @pigletinbed educates followers on the ecological features of linen. The subject is posed as a question in the first post of the carousel, and each consecutive post gives a single fact or statistic about the cloth.

2: Provide Consumers with Useful Product Information

Why not assist your Instagram followers get started with your goods or services once you’ve educated them about something vital to your business? You may provide them advice on how to make a purchasing choice or teach them the first action they must perform before utilising your product or service.

Not sure what your target audience is interested in learning more about? Examine your website’s FAQs, previous comments and DMs, or directly ask your audience how your company can assist.

3: Distribute tutorials and DIY posts

Do you want to provide your audience a more in-depth look at what your company sells? A product demo allows you to offer consumers a 360-degree perspective of your product and show it in action.

You may engage with your audience in real time by using Instagram Live to take them through the features and capabilities of your product. Respond to queries and provide viewers with all of the information they need to make a purchase while livestreaming. If you utilise Instagram Shops, you might display certain goods in your Live so that viewers can tap and purchase with no effort.

Tutorials and how-to information are excellent for two unique audiences. They may provide potential consumers with information about how your product works, which can assist them decide whether or not to buy it. They may also assist existing consumers in getting more value out of your product, which may lead to future sales.

How-to information complements every Instagram format. You could make a carousel article and explain one step each panel, or you could publish a multi-part tale with photographs and videos.

Another alternative is to make an Instagram clip that takes viewers through the full instruction in less than a minute. @360idtag demonstrates how to affix a secure return tag to clothes in the video below. The lesson explains how the brand’s product works while also assisting users in avoiding return policy abuse, which is a prevalent problem for retailers and eCommerce firms.

4: Display the Before and After

Does your company’s product or service alter the appearance of anything or entirely modify someone’s appearance? Sometimes just displaying the finished product is insufficient. Instead, juxtaposing the before and after may more effectively show the difference.
Including before-and-after photos is especially effective for fitness, beauty, and hair-care products. This sort of material is also ideal for real estate agents, builders, and interior designers.

Although the before and after may be shown side by side, a more dramatic surprise in a carousel post is more interesting. When posting this sort of carousel, be sure to put the after picture first so it appears in your feed and has a better chance of appearing in the feeds of your followers.

The 5th: Highlight a Product Line

Posting product photographs is a terrific approach to show people what your company offers and keep your brand at the forefront of their minds. While a single picture may promote a single product, a carousel post with a succession of photos or videos is preferable for highlighting a larger product range.

For example, the Instagram post below from @brewersnursery advertises a product resupply. The carousel displays a variety of 2-inch starting plants, enticing users to swipe through for closer looks at the available selections.

6: Design a Product to Highlight Its Versatility

Styling ideas may assist your audience imagine how they’d utilise your things, from apparel and beauty to furniture and home goods. The more people can visualise how they would use your items in their everyday life, the more likely they are to become consumers.

If you utilise Instagram Shops, be sure to tag your items in your photos so that customers can easily purchase them. Almost every sort of Instagram content, from picture posts to Reels and Stories, may be purchased. If you don’t want to utilise Instagram Shops, you may alternatively create a shoppable landing page or add a link sticker to your story.

@hethoandco utilises a carousel structure in the Instagram photo below to display different ways to design a garment. The apparel manufacturer has added shoppable tags to select goods and has labelled accessories from other businesses that complete the look.

7: Inform Customers of a New Product Launch

Whether you’re looking to build hype weeks before a major launch or you’re releasing a new product tomorrow, the perfect Instagram content can get your audience interested and eager to purchase. The Reminder tool on Instagram is perfect for product launches. Reminders may be added to feed posts or planned lives, and countdowns can be created in stories.

In the Instagram post below, @shopbando utilises the Reminder function to promote the brand’s new gift bags and highlights a forthcoming live spotlighting popular products from the company’s warehouse sale. Followers may use the Reminder button to be alerted when the live stream begins so they don’t miss it.

8: Display Your Processes and Employees

Customers often love viewing the process and knowing how it all comes together, in addition to seeing the finished result. Taking followers behind the scenes is also an excellent method to establish trust and establish a stronger relationship with your audience.

For example, you might show followers what a normal day for your staff looks like. You might also demonstrate a more particular process, such as how you manufacture your most popular product or package client orders.

Hosting a live is a wonderful option if you want to answer questions and talk with fans, particularly if you arrange it ahead of time. Because you can thread together various video segments to make a full tale, Reels and Stories are also good solutions for behind-the-scenes footage.
Another wonderful technique to offer fans a behind-the-scenes look is to highlight the individuals that make your company operate. Introducing team members may make followers feel more connected to your firm, particularly if your workforce interacts with consumers on a daily basis at your company’s physical location.

@thesill introduces a staff member who may already be a familiar face to many customers in the Instagram photo below. The message directs followers to the brand’s stories, where they may discover more about the manager.

9: Publicize an Event

Is your organisation organising a conference, class, gala, or get-together? Here are some Instagram marketing ideas for in-person and virtual events:

In the run-up to the event, introduce the speakers or exhibitors or organise mini-lives.

Highlight the subjects or sessions to assist viewers in visualising the event.

Provide early-bird discounts to entice guests to buy as soon as feasible.

To build buzz, give away tickets or event-related experiences.

Instagram’s Reminder function may inspire followers to engage in anything from live events to ticket drops to early-bird bargains. Schedule as many lives as you want, add reminders to feed posts, and make countdowns in stories (with optional reminders).

10: Ask a Question or Post a Poll to Encourage Participation

Because engagement is one of the primary criteria that drives the Instagram algorithm, it’s critical to generate content that encourages followers to like, comment, share, or save it. To encourage your audience to participate more, solicit their feedback, invite them to DM you for additional information, or encourage them to tag others who may be interested in your company.

For instance, this @papersource The Instagram post urges viewers to name a buddy who dresses casually for work from home. Tagged users may then touch to purchase the featured greeting card from the brand’s Instagram store.
Instagram’s interactive story stickers are a terrific way to drive interaction around an event or get your audience enthusiastic about a product. You may compare two selections with the poll sticker or offer several feedback options with the slider sticker. Use the quiz sticker to put your audience to the test, or use the questions sticker to allow followers to ask you questions.

@breadsrsly utilises the quiz sticker in the Instagram story below to question followers about their favourite toast toppings. The sticker allows the company to gather feedback from followers while also providing a fun approach for the audience to express their choices.

11: Invite your followers to create content and then reshare it.

Do you desire more than a passing idea or opinion from your audience? Invite others to submit their own material to your tale by using the add yours sticker. Encourage customers to submit images of your event, the shop where they purchased your goods, or their favourite way to outfit your newest item.

You may also boost interaction by using Instagram’s random suggestions. Tap the dice to initiate the discussion with a prompt such as “Recent Photo” or “Current Status.”

Instagram is a fantastic platform for gathering user-generated content (UGC), but it’s also a fantastic place to repost your favourite UGC. Because user-generated content (UGC) seems more real than sponsored material, it may improve credibility while also assisting you in building connections with followers and consumers.

Consider using your hashtag on your Instagram profile to inspire followers to produce photographs and videos promoting your company. That way, you can quickly locate UGC and properly credit the original developer.

The @daiyafoods Instagram clip, for example, features video footage from @msvegan. The video includes a unique recipe, providing fans new ideas on how to use the brand’s plant-based cheese slices.

12th: Hold a contest or a giveaway

Hosting a contest or giveaway (while adhering to the platform’s marketing restrictions, of course) is another approach to increase interaction. Contests are great for gaining new followers as well as re-engaging your current audience. When you provide something of value out, your followers are more inclined to connect with your material or even share it with their friends.

@innerpeach’s Instagram post below includes a Galentine’s Day-themed prize. The article proposes many options for users to share the contest and get more entries while boosting the post’s reach. Because the article includes shoppable goods, readers may also tap through and buy right away.

13: Capitalize on a Trend

Instagram announced a huge push toward Reels in late 2021, implying that short-form video is one of the most essential sorts of content to master. If you’re seeking for strategies to get traction with Reels, check into daily or weekly trends and then add your own perspective on them.

For example, this Instagram movie from @hellomissmay and @helloplantlover has a novel twist on the pointing craze, which involves expressing information by gesticulating to text overlays. The film begins by quizzing viewers about non-toxic plants that are wonderful for dogs before highlighting the top alternatives with text overlays.

14: Put Your Own Spin on a Popular Meme

Memes provide a consistent approach to increase likes and comments, from making your audience chuckle to demonstrating to followers that you understand them. Rather of posting a random meme, choose or create one that is relevant to your audience or company.

The Instagram image below by @kencko depicts a great sequence from the film Clueless. The company altered the image to highlight their healthy subscription meal plan, keeping the meme on-topic while still including a subtle commercial reference.



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