9 Instagram Bio Ideas for Business


9 Instagram Bio Ideas for Business- Do you need to establish or edit your business’s Instagram bio? Are you unsure about what to incorporate or which features to employ?

This post will teach you how to construct an Instagram bio for your company utilising nine key features. There are also good examples of Instagram biographies for companies in a variety of sectors.

Why Optimizing Your Instagram Bio for Business Helps Your Marketing

With the appropriate combination of features and language, your company’s Instagram bio can provide current and prospective consumers with the information they want and direct them to the next steps. A good Instagram business bio can:

Show clients where they may buy your stuff.
Inform potential customers on how to contact your company.
Addresses and actual places should be clarified.
Encourage customers to do certain activities, such as ordering meals or visiting your store.
Create social proof to increase trust and credibility.

Essential Elements for a Business Bio for Instagram

It’s easy to disregard your Instagram bio as little more than a platform to describe your company in 150 characters or less. In truth, it’s considerably more complicated. Examine the crucial things that any business bio should cover.

Choose an Instagram Username

It’s common practise to use your company name as your Instagram account. If you choose this way, your followers will be able to quickly locate your account by searching for your firm. Because usernames are important search ranking indications, select something that your consumers would seek for.

But what if your company name is already in use or exceeds the 30-character limit? Consider shortening it or adding more information, such as the sort of company or your location or area.

@lavish raleigh, for example, contains the firm name and location in the username. Including the city is a simple approach for the design company to distinguish themselves and stand out in search results.

instagram-bio-lavish raleigh-example
Remember that your username may only include letters, numbers, and punctuation such as underscores and periods. You may alter your username, but doing so too often will confuse your followers.

Enter the Business Name on Instagram

While usernames must be unique, display names are subject to significantly less limitations. This is an excellent place to post your complete company name or define your business kind if it doesn’t fit neatly into one of Instagram’s category selections.

@adventuresbyjessie, for example, including her complete name and company job in her display name. This area allows the travel agency to offer information that may be useful to prospective customers.

Display names may include a considerably broader variety of special characters, allowing you to be more creative. You may also include emojis in your company name to indicate what your company does.

Choose an Instagram Category

You may inform them what your company does by including a category in your Instagram bio. If your company fits nicely into a single category, such as a restaurant or a grocery store, deciding on a category is simple.

Because Instagram offers over 1,000 categories, more than one may be applicable to your company. Consider it from your consumers’ point of view and choose the label they are most likely to choose. You may change your category at any moment.

Add an Instagram Profile Picture
Your Instagram profile picture should quickly identify your company to followers. In many circumstances, your logo or a photograph of your place will suffice. A headshot is often a better option if you are a creator, service provider, or blogger.

The @iamunmc Instagram bio, for example, utilises the medical school’s insignia as a profile picture. This emblem clearly identifies the account as an official university marketing outlet.

Whatever you pick, make sure your profile picture is at least 320 × 320 pixels in size to guarantee it shows well. Check that Instagram’s circular frame does not crop off any important features from your shot.

Add Business Contact Options

Instagram accounts make it simple for prospective consumers to contact your company. You may include many contact options in your profile so that clients can choose the most convenient one for them.

You may, for example, provide an email address, phone number, or company address. You may also enable audio calling on Instagram and attach your WhatsApp business number.

Create Call-to-Action (CTA) Buttons on Instagram
Welcome calls and emails may not be the most effective approach to service consumers for certain businesses. For restaurants, cafés, and service providers, Instagram provides Order Food, Book Now, and Reserve CTA buttons.

Each CTA option is compatible with a set of third-party platforms. Restaurants, for example, may connect their Resy accounts to Instagram, while service companies can connect their Schedulicity profiles.

Incorporate Instagram Bio Copy
Instagram bio text allows you to introduce your company in up to 150 characters. Almost every character is fair game here. Letters, numbers, punctuation, and emojis are all permitted. So, how do you make the most of this restricted amount of space?

Drilling down to the fundamentals is beneficial. For example, you may define your company’s offerings or the sorts of items and services it provides. You might also provide social evidence, such as accolades or shout-outs you’ve gotten.

The @higharcmedia Instagram profile, for example, highlights the production company’s deliverables, which range from commercials to photography. The production company’s accolades are also included in the profile to give social proof, and a budget is listed as a starting point for prospective consumers.

If your company has a branded hashtag, use it in your bio so consumers can simply search your material as well as any user-generated content (UGC) you’ve gathered. If you have a lot to say about your company, emojis and line breaks might help make your bio more readable.

For example, the Instagram profile of @thetravelingcounselor_ includes various crucial data about the travel agent’s expertise, services, and contact methods. The bio is broken up with travel-themed emojis to make it easier to read.

instagram-bio-thetravelingcounselor -hashtag-emojis-example
Include an Instagram Bio Link
While you could link to your home page, it’s usually a better idea to connect to a mobile-friendly landing page developed just for Instagram users. This manner, you may direct followers to resources referenced in your posts, reels, or tales.

If you don’t want to create an Instagram landing page from scratch, there are various third-party tools that may help. Linktree allows you to design text-based links, while SproutLink replicates your Instagram grid and adds hyperlinks.

The @publicstorage bio link, for example, takes you to a Linkin.bio landing page with a list of relevant resources at the top. The landing page duplicates the Instagram grid of the account, enabling consumers to browse other resources connected to each post.

Bonus: Story Highlights While not strictly part of the Instagram bio feature, the inclusion of Highlight albums on profiles is beneficial. If you routinely publish Instagram stories, you have another opportunity to provide actionable material in your profile. Story highlights are perfect for providing answers to commonly asked questions, highlighting goods and services, or even offering reviews and lessons.

@squarespace, for example, presents a series of articles that clarify the website builder’s capabilities and demonstrate how to utilise the platform to followers. The website builder also emphasises its Ask a Freelancer series, which tries to assist target clients in building better websites.

Are you wondering how you’ll incorporate all of these components into your bio? Get some inspiration from the Instagram bio examples below.

1: Restaurant Instagram Bio Examples

Restaurants and cafés now have many choices for accepting food orders and bookings thanks to Instagram’s CTA buttons. eCommerce companies may build up Instagram shops to make browsing and purchasing easier.

Both choices are available in the @breadblok Instagram bio. Customers in the area may order baked goods for pickup or delivery by tapping the Order Food CTA button. Customers who live a long distance away may use the View Shop option to have items sent across the nation. The bakery’s tale highlights include tours of the café, retail outlet features, and behind-the-scenes glances, among other things.

instagram-bio-breadblok-restaurant-example #2: Hotel Instagram Bio Examples
Although hotels may not have as many built-in tools for generating orders and bookings, they still have a variety of choices for communicating with clients. Local contact information, branded hashtags, and excellent landing pages are critical for hotels.

To increase exposure, the @southcongresshotel Instagram profile employs a short bio (“a boutique hotel in Austin, Texas”). It also has a branded hashtag for hotel and user-generated content. The profile includes a link to a landing page with an interactive grid and emphasises the hotel’s store.

3: eCommerce Instagram Bio Examples

The native shopping tools on Instagram are also perfect for retail and eCommerce firms. The @ommushrooms bio, for example, highlights the company’s Instagram store, where shoppers may explore a variety of mushroom goods. The corporation also includes a link to a landing website that has blog entries and recipes, some of which are included in the story highlights.


Instagram shops are utilised in the @omsom Instagram bio to sell eCommerce items, and a grid-focused landing page is used to make posts interactive. The profile also includes press mentions as social proof and narrative highlights to demonstrate how to utilise the brand’s meal starters.

Instagram Bio Examples for a Service Provider #4: instagram-bio-omsom-ecommerce-example
Service providers may leverage Instagram’s appointment booking facilities and contact buttons in addition to crafting outstanding bio content and producing useful narrative highlights.

For example, in the Instagram bio below, @the.brand.consultant utilises keywords to make his account stand out in search results. The business consultant’s narrative highlights provide useful advice, and the bio link directs prospects to a Calendly website where they may schedule an initial conversation.

instagram-bio-the.brand .consultant-service-provider-example
The Instagram bio for @jerilyn.laskie describes the services she provides as well as her history. The highlights of the business lawyer’s tale include credibility-boosting testimonials, and her profile provides prospects with various contact options, including email and DMs.

Instagram Bio Examples for a Travel Agent #5: instagram-bio-jerilyn.laskie-service-provider-example
Instagram travel agents must mix social proof and CTAs with narrative highlights and keywords that motivate clients to think about their ideal locations.

For example, @thetravel mechanic’s Instagram profile describes the kind of holidays she specialised in and illustrates them using emojis. The travel agent lists media appearances in her profile and includes press and reviews in tale highlights to give social proof. The travel agent encourages prospective clients to arrange a complimentary call on her mobile-optimized landing page to encourage them to take the next step.

instagram-bio travel mechanic, travel agent, example
The Instagram bio language and username for @littlebitofdisney_ make the travel agent’s Disney speciality very evident. Her profile elegantly arranges crucial themes using emojis and highlights a big prize to give social evidence. Customers are encouraged to get a free estimate from the travel agent’s CTA, making it simple for them to convert.

#6: instagram-bio-littlebitofdisney travel-agent-example
Instagram may act as a portfolio as well as a lead generator for media and entertainment organisations. That is why it is beneficial to mix work examples with social evidence.

The Instagram profile for @chanel.productions clearly outlines the production company’s expertise and service area. The narrative highlights show prospective consumers the company’s work and pleased clients, while the connected landing page allows them to schedule a picture or video session.


The Instagram bio for @thegoodvibemedia below briefly explains the media firm before naming important partners—the @thegoodvibestudios facility and the @femaleswhofilm community. The media firm showcases video specialisations via story highlights and directs clients to the connected landing page for enquiries and quotations.

7: Health Care Instagram Bio Examples

Health care providers may increase their presence on Instagram by employing location- and specialty-specific keywords. It is beneficial to provide trustworthy materials and give clear contact choices in order to attract new patients and service current ones.

@drmollyhayes, for example, specifies her speciality (“Biological/Functional Dentist”) in her display name. The dentist emphasises her service area and reveals what distinguishes her from other providers in her bio (“dentist for the sorta crunchy crowd.”) The call to action in the bio and the connected landing page make it simple for patients to access the resources they need.

Instagram Bio Examples for Higher Education #8: instagram-bio-drmollyhayes-healthcare-example
Sharing materials and engaging students are equally important for colleges and higher-education programmes on Instagram. For example, @uncchapelhill connects with students via its Instagram bio content, urging followers to utilise a branded hashtag for a chance to be featured on the account. The university’s narrative features students and alumni, and the connected landing page provides up-to-date information regarding graduation.

The Twitter handle @tuftsadmissions The Instagram bio description describes what followers might expect to discover on the account, including “admissions advice” and “glimpses of life on campus.” The contact buttons make it simple to get in touch with the university department, and the connected landing page offers valuable tools for prospective students, such as college search and visit advice.

Instagram Bio Examples for Tech #9: instagram-bio-tuftsadmissions-higher-education-example
Instagram bios are perfect for highlighting products, conveying a unique selling point (USP), and generating a clear CTA for tech and software as a service (SaaS) enterprises.

The @moz hq Instagram profile, for example, outlines the company’s USP succinctly (“the most powerful SEO platform in the market”) before offering a convenient list of accessible capabilities. The SEO platform adds value to each article by incorporating narrative highlights such as tips, quizzes, and speaker spotlights, as well as connections to a landing page that refers to other resources.

instagram-bio-moz hq-tech-example
Here is the @semrush Instagram’s profile provides outstanding social proof (“used by over 10,000,000 marketers”) and displays items, blog articles, and reviews in story highlights. The profile also includes a link to a landing page where potential clients can get started with a free trial of the online visibility management software.

Getting your company’s Instagram bio properly is critical for increasing discovery, traffic, and conversions. With these Instagram bio ideas and recommendations, you can improve your profile and make better use of this important real estate.


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