Process of Green Marketing

The process of green marketing involves four main steps are as follows:

1. Fixing of the Green Price: After developing the green product, its price is fixed. Fixation of price very critical for developing a marketing strategy. Without carefully fixing the price of the green produ numerous customers, who are ready to pay higher prices for green products as such products have high the process of green marketing cannot be implemented. Various researchers have revealed that there green value, greater technical volume and are beneficial for the health of the customers.

2.Development of Green Products: Since, the strategy of products is first important strategy marketing, the first step towards green marketing is the development of green products. Green market should be carried out by a firm through a green product acting as its carrier. A green product inon-pollutant product which is advantageous for the improvements in natural environment and the society.

3. Implementation of Green Promotion: Companies must acknowledge the fact that green dema determines the green marketing. Thus, for ensuring the success of green marketing, the firms need increase the green demand by focussing on promotion and encouraging customers to buy green produ through advertisements and media. Green promotion can be done in the following ways-

(a) Green Advertisement: With the help of advertisements, firms can demonstrate the functions green products so as to attract customers and form a green demand. Further, for encouragi the customers’ desire of purchasing, firms can also develop a green environment through gre advertisements.

(b) Green Advocate: The firm can spread their green message by face-to-face customer meetin demonstrating functions of green product, resolving customers’ queries and lecturing on scenarios of green marketing and environmental benefits.

(c) Green Public Relations: The firm should setup a positive image for its green products in the fre of public. For this purpose, the firm must develop healthy and green public relations by forecast the green message into the minds and beliefs of the public.

4. Opening of Green Channel: The route or passage through which a green product is transferr from the manufacturers to the consumers is known as green marketing channel. A firm must build a go marketing channel in order to ensure the success of its green product.

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