Techniques of  Green Marketing


The various techniques of green marketing are as follows:

1.Involving and Involving the Consumers: Informing the consumers about the benefits eco-friendly products is not simply telling about their ecological benefits, but rather it involves creati awareness about why it is important to protect the environment. Without awareness, no one cares abo the green products and the green marketing approach fails. Giving customers an opportunity to give the opinion about green approach would give them a sense of involvement; as they believe that by buying t product, they are doing their duty to save the environment. For example, if the customers are informed abo the wrapper of a chocolate bar which could be easily decomposed without being harsh on environment; to customer would have a sense of involvement in the campaign by buying the product.

2. Emphasising on Primary Advantages: Marketers should not focus on highlighting the of the product as consumers get exhausted with such claims. They are aware of the fact that these gree images do not guarantee the natural content of the product.

3. Truthfulness: Truthfulness implies:

  • The marketing approach should actually involve the actions which are stated.
  • There should be consistency in the trade policies with the green marketing approach.

The green marketing approach campaign would prove to be successful with these steps.

4. Going Green from the Inside to the Outside: The campaign can prove to be success if the gree approach is started from the inside, i.e. from the production of the goods. The Green Effie award wa stared for the first time in 2008 to give recognition to the players who have played their roles in savin the environment and HSBC, Wal-Mart and GF appeared as the semi-finalist in the nomiation by citing the examples for others.

For example, HSBC-‘no small change’ campaign, with simple idea of authorising the people to do all things for reducing carbon footprint. It is important to note that the HSBC campaign was carried thout offering carbon off-sets to the customers. Rather they supported strategies through which the nk can lower carbon-consumption, followed by using renewable sources of energy. The brochure handed customers also had various tips on the ways to reduce carbon footprints.

5. Becoming an Environmental Brand Steward: Playing the role as a saviour of environment through brand is really important. This endeavour should be depicted at every stage of manufacturing the duct, from the use of raw materials, to the process of production, using and discarding. It would help in ognising the influence on the environment and suitably handling them. For example, Proctor and Gamble identified that the environment is adversely affected due to incorrect of washing clothes in the machines (due to wastage of water, energy and detergent) instead of nufacturing, transportation, or discarding a washing machine. From this idea emerged the concept of de Cold Water’

6.Promoting Responsible Consumption: One more strategy of green marketing is to encourage sumers for responsible and optimum offering LED lights to the consumers with the advice of switching off when not in use. This can also be achieved by using new technology and design in products. For , auto-cut devices for water motor pumps switch off the motor off the motor when the tank is full.

7. Innovation for Saving the Environment: This approach helps in moving the business by innovation in the goods, technology, raw materials; instead of refining the previous products. example, CDs are replaced by iPOD, travelling replaced by video conferencing could help in reducing bon emissions, a detergent powder working without water (for counteracting the scarcity of water), etc.


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